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Abstract In this assignment there is an analysis of the research conducted on the population of American Intellectual Union (AIU) to study Job Satisfaction. This Assignment contains an analysis of a quantitative and a qualitative factor, that is gender and intrinsic job satisfaction respectively…
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Quantitative Methods and Analysis
Download file to see previous pages Effects of Different Factors on Job Satisfaction This assignment pertains to the factor that can either make an organization or break the organization. Such a factor is Job Satisfaction. If the employees are satisfied with their jobs, they will perform at their best and will give the results that an organization desires. In order to study Job satisfaction, this assignment is based on a set of data of a sample conducted on the population of the American Intellectual Union (AIU). The data provided has nine sections in total; Gender, Age, Department, Position, Tenure, Overall Job Satisfaction, Intrinsic Job Satisfaction, Extrinsic Job Satisfaction and Benefits. This data includes qualitative and quantitative data both. Such an approach shows how much a qualitative factor or a quantitative factor affects the matter at hand. Out of the nine sections, two sections will be examined; Gender and Intrinsic Job Satisfaction. The former being quantitative data while the latter being the qualitative data. From the data provided the following two sections were selected because in most of the organizations it is observed that either it is a male dominated workplace or female dominated. There is rarely an organization where there is moderation or equality among the two. Moreover, there has been a lot of hue and cry about how extrinsic rewards are not enough for an employee and that intrinsic job satisfaction is just as necessary. The data provided shows that at the American Intellectual Union (AIU) there is an equal ratio of male and female employees. The sample has 30 male employees and 30 female employees (1:1). This shows that at American Intellectual Union (AIU) there is as such no gender discrimination and that the female and male ratio is same. In organizations both males and females are encouraged because they are one of the factors that cause diversity at workplace. This helps the organization become more innovative and successful because at the end of the day, different genders, age groups, race, nationals etc contribute in bringing diversity to the organization and end up innovating because of the difference in backgrounds and therefore difference in ideas(Robinson, 1998, p. 150). The standard deviation and mean cannot be calculated because there is just male and female data and there is no use of measuring the distance between two readings because there are only two of them, plus these are genders and when they are equal at an organization then the standard deviation and variance cannot be calculated. The satisfaction level in both the genders is different as shown by the research conducted on American Intellectual Union (AIU), the mean of job satisfaction felt by males is 5.11 and that of females is 4.8. The reason why women are not as satisfied as men could be discrimination and sexual harassment for which strict policies should be formed (Robinson, 1998, p. 395). The mean, median and mode of gender, however, is same because of the same male and female ratio. Some researches show that men are normally happier than women at workplace (Jaschik, 2010) The second section that we will look into is intrinsic job satisfaction. The mean of this section is 4.773333333, median is 5.2 and mode is 4.7. Mean shows that employees are generally fairly satisfied with the job. Median shows that 50% of the employees are fairly satisfied or ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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