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Denotation/connotation in Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson and The Tiger by William Blake - Essay Example

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This research presents denotation/connotation in ‘Richard Cory’ by Edwin Arlington Robinson and ‘The Tiger’ by William Blake". The effective implementation of connotation/denotation in a poem can certainly provide the readers an insight to the underlying theme and wonderful aesthetic experience…
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Denotation/connotation in Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson and The Tiger by William Blake
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Extract of sample "Denotation/connotation in Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson and The Tiger by William Blake"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the use of the poetic devices has often been identified as enhancing the qualities of literary works. The use of connotation/denotation in Edwin Arlington Robinson’s, ‘Richard Cory’ and William Blake’s, ‘The Tiger’ is really embellishing their qualities and is very often regarded as poems written with simple and humble style, decorated with the magnificent blending of various poetic devices. ‘The denotation of a word is its direct, specific meaning that is usually given by a dictionary’. It is the word meaning or the surface level meaning that the readers understand with a primary reading. ‘The connotation of a word depends upon our linguistic experience, our sophistication, the extent of our reading, and the use of the word’. This is the section that leads the readers to the imaginative level and appeals to their aesthetic experience. Analysing denotation/connotation in the given poems, one can see that they really enhance their effect and aesthetic quality. Analysing ‘Richard Cory,’ one can see Robinson using denotation and connotation of words to stress the fact that Richard Cory is rich. The poet uses various words to describe the personality and the personal appearance of Richard Cory who has been subjected for the ordinary people’s wonder and admiration. The appearance of Cory in the poem has presented with words like gentleman, Clean favoured, imperially slim, human, glittered, grace, quietly arrayed, and so on. The word ‘crown’ in the third line, “He was a gentleman from soul to crown...." can be cited as an example for both connotation and denotation. The denotative meaning of crown is the top or highest part of Richard Cory’s head. The implied meaning or ‘crown’ denotatively, is suggestive of Richard Cory’s elegant appearance with kingly splendour and richness. Here the poet uses the denotation on ‘crown’ to signify a king’s crown and wealth. Thus, the word ‘crown’ enables the readers to understand the due importance of Richard Cory. The word ‘glittered’ also has used similarly in the poem. The lines, "But still he fluttered pulses when he said, /"Good morning," and he glittered when he walked" (Lines 7-8) clearly brings out the denotation. The word ‘glittered’ literally means ‘sparkling’ or ‘glistening light.’ Connotatively, it can be interpreted as the Richard Cory’s jewelry that sparkled when he walked. The use of this word unveils the fact that Richard Cory may have worn luxurious dress like wealthy men. The word, ‘imperially’ can also be included in this category as it exposes the imperial or highly sophisticated nature of Richard Cory. Here the poet sings, "He was a gentleman from soul to crown, /clean favored, and imperially slim” (Lines 3-4). Denotatively, ‘imperially’ means ‘of or relating to an empire or an emperor.’ The connotation of the word makes one infer that Cory may have followed such an imperial or kingly life. The use of the word ‘grace’ in the line, "...And admirably schooled in every grace" (Line 10) also constitutes denotation and connotation. ‘Grace’ denotatively signifies beauty, charm, and good manners. Connotatively it describes the good manners of Cory that he expressed like a king. The analysis of the Robinson’s poem makes clear that the poet has used denotation and connotation to draw out the luxurious appearance of Richard Cory. William Blake’s poem ‘Tiger’ also brings out many denotations and connotations. The poem was taken from Blake’s poetic collection entitled, ‘The Songs of Experience’ that presents the fierce face of God. The poet, with wonderful words, sings about the powerful hand of God that created the ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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