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Introduction Background The argument analyzed in this paper is about an advertisement endorsing the brand named DKNY Donna Karan New York. This brand offers perfumes especially for women. This paper describes the ways through which the product is endorsed in the advertisement through text, connotations or denotations that are used to convey the purpose and increasing sales of the brand…
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Download file to see previous pages This analysis presented in the paper concludes the ways in which the advertisement message is portrayed in every aspect. The effectiveness of the message is also analyzed by figuring out the volume of sales before and after the new advertisement presentation. The goal of the advertisement is to attract maximum number of customers. The complete research aims to get the idea that how much sale boost company can get from such advertisements. Body 1 The radical essay of Barthes ‘Rhetoric of the image’ written in 1977 proposed that the images portrays different meanings than words and these can be described in many ways. The images can be communicated in wrong ways sometimes because people get the idea of every phrase or image from their perspective. Reading Barthes approach is about the idea of three layers of the meanings which an advertising image conveys when used with other symbolic representations. The first layer is perceived as the linguistic part from the message which consists of words and text messages. The second layer by the Barthes proposition is the coded iconic message which is connoted message by the organization or the brand which they are signifying or expressing indirectly. The third and last layer described by Barthes is the non-coded iconic message that is delivered by the content of the message which is the directly implied message presented in front of the target market for perceiving the idea of the brand or for creating brand recognition. The basic presentation is perceived by people through the first meaning of the image, context, and the way to hit the target market for making the visual or vision of the brand. The second denotation is used for identification of the actual product that is designed for the target market. Body 2 The same analysis that is conducted by Barthes in 1977 is applied to the DKNY advertisement about perfumes. The same layer formula is also applicable on this advertisement image of the DKNY perfume advertisement. Reading The linguistic layer of the theory proposed by Barthes has the most important part of the text that it contains the most prominent words of the text area which are ‘Be Delicious’. These words can be injunction that acts as admonition to the advertisement and also these words can be a way to intimidate the audience to buy the product and use it for making themselves more seductive and appealing. Another motive of these words is to promote the idea that this product of DKNY will make its user ‘delicious’. In combination the message conveys the idea of getting the two way benefit through the purchase of this product, first one is to make this product desirable and second one is to fulfil their need to be delicious. The word delicious can be taken in different senses. The first meaning can be extracted from the word delicious can be the fruit extracts used in the making of the product or another sense of sexual attraction that could be negatively perceived by the audience (Barthes, 1977). Example/Explain This word delicious makes us look at women as a commodity to be consumed as any other thing that could be delicious. This is also related to the perception of the target audience and other people to create the desire of possession or being possessed by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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