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Literatura Project 6 - Essay Example

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Title: Inch by Inch Author: Leo Lionni Illustrator: Leo Lionni Grade Level: Pre-K Summary: Inch by Inch tells the story of inchworm who examines his own developing body, measuring it against features in his environment as it grows and changes. One day, however, he meets a nightingale who threatens to eat him for breakfast…
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Literatura Project 6
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Download file to see previous pages It also shows the limit of measurement, as you cannot use inches to measure a song. It also has fantastic artwork that is very plain, but simply beautiful. Teaching Ideas: Have children develop their own units of measurement, and measure things in their life (using fingers, pencil lengths and so forth). Talk about how things that are very different from each other can actually be very very useful to each other, and ask how the inch worm helped the nightingale and vice versa. Finally, ask how they could measure things that do not appear to be measured at first. Ask them to try to measure air they are breathing with rulers and so forth. Title: Becoming Butterflies Author: Anne Rockwell Illustrator: Megan Halsey Grade Level: Pre-K Summary: Becoming Butterflies is a book about the butterfly life cycle. It describes a fictitious classroom of children who raise butterflies through their entire life cycle, from caterpillars through metamorphosis and into their adult form. Outstanding features: This book has many outstanding features. Firstly, it does an excellent job telling the butterfly life cycle in a way that children will be able to understand and remember. This allows them to learn about the growth and changes that can happen with animals, and also reminds them of their own changing bodies. More importantly, however, the book tells a story of a fictional classroom full of similar children. This allows the students to connect to ideas featured in the book, and serve as examples for how to properly behave in a classroom. Teaching Ideas: One of the easiest things to do would be simply imitate the book: raise butterflies as the book does to observe their different life cycles. One could also ask students to create a small piece of art detailing one particular stage in the butterfly’s development, for instance drawing a cocoon and showing what the cocoon is all about, or else drawing the full live butterfly. Finally, one can use this book to teach proper behavior, asking students if they are behaving like the children in the book. Title: Bugs are Insects Author: Anne Rockwell Illustrator: Steve Jenkins Grade Level: K Summary: Bugs are Insects is a non-fiction book, that does not tell a story but rather details features of different animals and what makes them what they are. It is relatively simple in format, talking about a feature of an animal (for instance a lady bug’s external skeleton) and relating that to an overall thematic category (insects). Outstanding features: This book is amazing for several reasons. First is simply the art. It is both detailed and beautiful, cut and paste art that will be very engaging to the students. More importantly, however, this book teaches students the critical skill of categorizing, of attaching certain features to an object, and then allowing that object to belong to a group. In this case what it discusses are insects, showing that because something has six legs it is probably an insect, or because it has an exoskeleton etc. This skill, however, is highly transferable. Finally, this book also quizzes people as they read, allowing them to check for themselves what they have learned and if they are continuing on pace with learning. Teaching Ideas: ask students to make lists of characteristics that make something an insect. Ask each student to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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