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High School Journals - Essay Example

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In the paper "High School Journals " you can find the descriptions of many interesting short stories such as "The sniper", "The most dangerous game", "A sound of thunder", "The birds", "Christmas Memory", "A man called Horse", "Salvador Late or Early", "Snow", "The Cask of Amontillado" and many others. …
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High School Journals
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Extract of sample "High School Journals"

Download file to see previous pages I think something else might still happen along the story. Challenge. With the story’s unusual and tragic ending, the civil war has divided not only the nation but most especially the very core of the nation – man. JOURNAL ENTRY 2.THE SNIPER Challenge. With the story’s unusual and tragic ending, the civil war has divided not only the nation but most especially the very core of the nation – man. The story’s tragic, yet mainly unsuspecting, ending has made the sniper “the enemy” rather than the protagonist in the story. At first, readers can feel the struggles and pain of the sniper as he tries to win and hold steady aim at his target. Readers could also feel him rejoice over his wise tactic and triumphant victory over his enemy. But as the story unfolds towards its end, any spectator will feel betrayed and dismayed over the sniper’s supposed “gain,” as the old saying goes “one man’s gain is another man’s loss.” No, the sniper is only but innocent victim of his own actions. The only thing that can be put to blame is the war – a war that has divided the nation, society, and familial ties. And because of this, the very core belief of man is also left divided as well. Indeed, the sniper has accomplished his job well. But no, he is has also failed his very own conscience. JOURNAL ENTRY 3. THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME The most dangerous game one can ever get into is the game of love. Lois just graduated from college, enjoying every minute of her vacation in her grandpa’s farm. While reading a book in the porch, a slim but muscular man towered over her book and asked, “Hi, I’m Landon. I live across your farm. Can I talk to Mr. Jenkins?” Shocked by the magnitude of Landon’s presence, Lois could only curtly reply, “He’s… out. I think.” Surprisingly Landon is courteous enough to give Lois a little breather, “Oh well then… Can I wait for him instead? I’m not in a hurry anyway.” Suddenly recovering from the whirlwind impact, Lois offers her welcoming gesture to Landon “Sorry, please to meet you Landon. I’m Lois and Mr. Jenkins is my grandfather.” In over a short period, Lois and Landon hit it off quite well. He even invited Lois for dinner in a nearby restaurant. Admittedly, Lois never felt anything like this before. In a span of two months, Lois and Landon are inseparable. Until, Mr. Jenkins felt the need to intervene. “Lois, you are leaving in a matter of weeks and I suggest that you take care of this Landon business once and for all. I’m not against anything, no siree. But the fact is, you don’t live here on a permanent basis and I don’t want anyone getting hurt in the long run.” When Lois talked to Landon, he got furious, took her baggage with him, and ran off somewhere where she wouldn’t be able to follow him. To make matters worse, Tom, Lois’ boyfriend, is coming over because she isn’t calling him since she got busy with Landon. Lois’ mom also called, reminding her that she needs to go home immediately because of a job offer Lois couldn’t possibly refuse. Guilt-stricken and confused, Lois decides to leave without her baggage, left a lengthy letter to Landon with a promise that she will sort things over back home and hopefully will be back. Alone and broken, Landon is consoled by Mr. Jenkins while unaware of what the future holds.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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