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Advantages of Uniform in High School - Essay Example

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This article says that wearing uniforms in high school is profitable to wear ordinary clothes for a number of reasons, as will be shown here. The question arises that most universities have embraced the use of uniforms because of the many advantages that come with it, which led to a win-win scenario…
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Advantages of Uniform in High School
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Download file to see previous pages Allowing civilian clothing in schools evidently, functions bring out the aspect of the class and social status as other students will be wearing trendier and more expensive clothes than others. Such disparities and divisions result in peer pressure among the students and prompt unnecessary distraction from the core objective of gaining knowledge and excelling in their academics. Hence, the use of uniforms goes a long way in helping students to concentrate on their education and functions to minimize the differences existing between them in as far as economic empowerment and social class are concerned. The resultant effect of implementing this code of dressing is increased performance and reduced peer pressure, achieved through equality (by way of having a defined dressed code). Billy Clinton echoed these sentiments when he supported the need to have school uniforms in American public schools in order to avoid cases of teenagers killing each other over designer jackets and other trendy outfits (Tofel-Grehl & Callahan, 2014).
Secondly, it goes a long way in promoting discipline among students. Wearing uniforms makes the students become more responsible in terms of the actions within and without the school premises as they are obliged to abide by the school rules at all times since they wear school uniforms-which can be used to identify them, meaning that they have to behave as is required of them by their respective management systems. These school rules and guidelines work to instill discipline and good conduct among the students. Recent research has documented beyond reasonable doubt that students who have good discipline perform equally well in their class work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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