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There are people who strongly feel that school uniforms need to be a must at schools. Yet, there are many experts who believe that students should not be forced to…
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English topic paper
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of the English of the Teacher 30 April School Uniforms for High School The issue as to whether the high school students should wear school uniforms happens to be really controversial. There are people who strongly feel that school uniforms need to be a must at schools. Yet, there are many experts who believe that students should not be forced to wear school uniforms. Practically speaking, the high school students should be made to wear school uniforms because this will save money, promote equality in schools and will makes the high schools safe and secure.
School uniforms will prevent parents from buying costly branded clothes for their children. In case the high schools students are not required to wear school uniforms, parents will be required to spend money on buying fancy clothes for their children. Children will also force their parents to buy fashionable and branded clothes for them so that they could impress their class fellows at school. Hence, if the high school students are required to wear school uniforms, they will not feel the need to spend money on trendy clothes. This will lead to an immense saving on the money spent on buying expensive clothes to be worn at school. Students will not feel the urge to appear cool at school. Thereby, they will not expect their parents to spend money on costly clothes.
School uniforms will promote a sense of equality amongst the students. In the schools that do not require their students to wear uniforms, students do judge each other on the bases of the clothes they wear. This promotes superficial values amongst students. Students prefer to make friends with those students who dress up like them. They do avoid students wearing affordable or simple clothes. This leads to the formation of groups and cliques at schools and gives way to much bullying and harassment. However, in case the high school students are made to wear uniforms, they will rather try to judge their class fellows on the basis of their talent and qualities. This will encourage and promote equality amongst students.
School uniforms are the best way to protect schools from outsiders. In the recent times there have been many incidents of violence and crime at schools. Many a times the schools are not able to identify the outsiders that enter their premises. This makes it possible for the criminal elements to enter high schools and to commit crimes in schools. School uniforms will help the school authorities identify the outsiders entering their premises. This will allow them to take timely action and will make the schools much safer and secure.
Thereby, for the high school students, school uniforms should be made mandatory. School uniforms offer many benefits and advantages. They will discourage students from wasting money on branded clothes. School uniforms will also stop students from developing superficial values and will encourage them to respect people on the bases of their character and qualities. They will also make schools really safe and secure. Read More
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