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Relative Clauses - Research Paper Example

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This essay demonstrates that language as a mode of communication differs considerably amongst different groups of persons across the globe. It has a cultural orientation and reflects the societal values and virtues as well as the broad environmental conditions of that particular group…
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Relative Clauses
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Download file to see previous pages Language as a mode of communication differs considerably amongst different groups of persons across the globe. It has a cultural orientation and reflects the societal values and virtues as well as the broad environmental conditions of that particular group. Through language, individuals within a group are able to share emotions and understand as respond to the needs of each other accordingly.
In the current globalized world, adoption of a single language is of paramount importance. This is particularly imperative in learning environments where students are expected to grasp wide-ranging and relatively complex concepts. Adoption of the English language has enabled students from minority populations to understand the learning process. Although they have employed English as their main language of communication, it is worth appreciating that they are still greatly influenced by their cultural languages. To a great extent, this is attributable to the experiences that they have had since their childhood. Just like other students from minority factions, Arabic students have equally been influenced by their previous experiences in different ways. Thus their use of relative clauses in English texts distinctively differs from the use of relative clauses in Standard English. It is against this background that this paper provides a review of relative clauses in light of how they are used by Arabic students in English texts. To enhance coherence, it begins by detailing the concept of relative clauses. It then proceeds to a literature review, then to methodology, the sample, analysis of data and comparison and finally to a conclusion.
Relative clauses are important components of English language sentences. Essentially, they are subordinate clauses that play an instrumental role in modifying nouns. In typical English, these are usually introduced by different relative pronouns (McKee and McDaniel 6).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Relative Clauses Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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