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In the paper “Consumer Products Safety Lawyer” the author discusses the issue that any company or business that is operating in our society should aim to help us and offer things that are beneficial rather than harming the society and people living in the society…
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Consumer Products Safety Lawyer
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Consumer Products Safety Lawyer
Do you know anything hotter than 54 °C or 130°F can burn your skin? Yes! It can and it is a proven fact. Then how can you take coffee that is as hotter as 82°C to 88°C or 180°F to 190°F. Are you thinking that you do not take such hot coffee? But you will be surprised to know if you are buying coffee from McDonalds then you are having coffee at this temperature and one day you might also burn your skin just like Liebeck, Bogle and some others when they bought coffee from McDonalds. Despite of people being burnt, McDonalds has insisted to offer coffee at this hot temperature.
Now let me introduce myself, my name is Mr. XYZ and I am consumer products safety lawyer. You must be surprised after listening these facts however these facts are true and it is now our duty to become united to stop people from being burnt.
Any company or business that is operating in our society should aim to help us and offer things that are beneficial rather than harming the society and people living in the society. If any organization, regardless of how much reputation it has, does not care about the society then it should not be allowed to operate unless it starts caring about people living in the society. We all know McDonald's is one of the top fast food restaurants in the world, and we all go to McDonalds and because we have been their customers, McDonalds has become such a renowned brand in the world. What if from tomorrow we stop using the products sold by McDonald's? Don’t you think McDonalds should think about the people rather than selling hotter coffee to differentiate itself from competitors?
It has been medically proven that if coffee or tea is taken at 54°C then it will burn the skin just within two seconds (England and Wales High Court (Queen's Bench Division) Decisions, 2002). Although, McDonald’s has already paid hefty fines on several occasions for selling hot coffee but still it has continued selling coffee at 82°C to 88°C. So, McDonald’s has to offer coffees at lower temperature and for this cause, you should and you have to come with me and together we will have a class action suit against McDonalds so that McDonald’s starts offering coffee at lower temperature. It would be great if together we can eliminate the cause of people being burnt, so come with me and we will make this happen and save people from being burnt.
England and Wales High Court (Queen's Bench Division) Decisions. (2002). Bogle & Ors v McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd. Retrieved November 3, 2011 from Read More
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Consumer Products Safety Lawyer Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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