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Prenuptial Agreement - Surviving Family Conflict and Divorce - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Prenuptial Agreement - Surviving Family Conflict and Divorce" focuses on the fact that over the years it is seen that the institution of marriage has been endowed with certain rules and flexibility. People talk about divorces and agreements that are made during or before marriages.  …
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Prenuptial Agreement - Surviving Family Conflict and Divorce
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Download file to see previous pages The prenuptial agreements have become much common these days as it is seen that they are being used all over the world in countries like the United States, France, Norway and Switzerland. Prenuptial agreements are written contracts between the husband and spouse to secure anything in the case of a divorce. This contract helps both the husband and spouse to get over the problems of divorce and property ownership. This essay would further revolve around prenuptial agreements and would define their use in the modern days.
Prenuptial agreements are being widely used all over the world to secure marriages by the individuals. Even celebrities are taking advantages of these prenuptial agreements and securing their marriage. The after effects of divorce are most prominently outlined in these agreements and it helps to protect the properties of people. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage only to avoid the consequences of a property dispute between the two parties. Previously Michael Douglas had to pay $40 million to his ex-wife because he did not have any prenuptial agreement with her. Similarly Spice Melanie Brown also underwent the same situation when she had to pay a fortune of $3 million on her divorce to her husband. These situations only arise because a prenuptial agreement was not sought by both the husband and spouse before marriage. The question now arises as to what really is a prenuptial agreement and how does it protect the people who use it? (Wooley & Co Solicitors 2007).
A prenuptial agreement is defined as an agreement where the couples have to set out their rights in accordance with their properties. These properties can either be bought together or would be owned by the husband or spouse previously. It is this agreement that helps the husband and spouse to protect the property that they own separately. An essential reason for using this agreement is that the Institute of marriage puts all the assets of the spouse and husband under one name and thus they cannot be protected anymore in the case of divorce.      ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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