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Theoretical Explanations of Victims and Victimization - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that the research in the field of victimology has remained inadequately low thus it can be said to be a young discipline. The theories presented by this paper are not exhaustive and with the happening of crime every day, other theories are bound to be developed…
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Theoretical Explanations of Victims and Victimization
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Extract of sample "Theoretical Explanations of Victims and Victimization"

Download file to see previous pages Crime is said to occur when someone goes against the law. Davies, Francis, and Greer (2007, p. 3) states that there are basically two types of crimes namely crimes against property (fraud and breakings are examples) and crimes that are committed against human beings (sexual assault and physical abuse are examples). Some crimes may involve both human beings and property.
A victim or ‘crime victim’ may be defined as a person who, as a result of a crime being committed, suffers direct or indirect harm. Direct harm includes injuries inflicted or physical harm while indirect harm may be emotional or psychological. There are basically three types of crime victims namely primary crime victims, secondary crime victims and tertiary crime victims (Dignan 2002, p. 29). Primary crime victims are the initial victim i.e. those that the crime is committed against. Secondary crime victims are those who experience second-hand harm. These can be relatives of rape victims, intimate partners or children whose mum has been battered. Tertiary crime victims experience the harm, not directly but vicariously. This can be through the media i.e. watching the television, listening to the radio or through the internet. The primary crime victims are also classified into five categories. The first category, the innocent, is usually portrayed as being in the wrong place at the wrong time and somehow they did not contribute in any way to their injury. The depressive type was careless, unsuspecting and therefore became an easy target. The third category is the greedy types who are easily duped because of their enthusiasm for quick gain thus lowering their natural tendency to be apprehensive. The next category of crime victims is vulnerable to stresses brought about by a given period of time or life cycle, like juvenile victims and there are called the wanton type.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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