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Medical Impairments and Critical Driving Skills in Massachusetts - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Medical Impairments and Critical Driving Skills in Massachusetts" states that the proposal of Massachusetts should not only be confined to having an additional requirement for the elderly in securing licenses but also identifying older drivers who are really unfit to drive…
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Medical Impairments and Critical Driving Skills in Massachusetts
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Extract of sample "Medical Impairments and Critical Driving Skills in Massachusetts"

Download file to see previous pages Most states have not only determined possible additional requirements for license renewal or determination of a person’s fitness to drive but also concerns raised by the elderly drivers as to their possible isolation from society and retaining their mobility despite being unable to drive. Policymakers and research should also focus on these areas which are important to elderly drivers.
It was said that the perspective and the actions taken by most of the licensing authorities have been changed over the last 20 years (Eberhard, 2008). This was due to the fact that there has been a wide range of developments especially as to the aspect of “driver testing” and programs tackling concerns of older drivers (Eberhard, 2008). Recognition of older drivers who need special treatment has become the main concern of administrators instead of just having older drivers’ periodic re-examination (Eberhard, 2008). Concerns regarding the proper way of dealing with drivers who ought not to be driving have been considered also by the administrators (Eberhard, 2008). Task forces have also been instituted by various states to examine the role of the community in helping to tackle the issue of senior mobility (Eberhard, 2008).
The United States is also one of the countries which have reviewed the licensing guidelines especially concerning “vision standards for private motor vehicles” (Bohensky, 2008). According to the American Medical Association, “the majority of the states require corrected visual acuity of at least 20/40” (AMA, 2003). In terms of the field of vision, there is a requirement in most states that 100-degree visual field or more “or more along the horizontal plane,” while others require less or do not have such a requirement (AMA, 2003). There are no restrictions for persons with monocular vision especially if their visual acuity and visual fields were said to have “met in the better eye” (AMA, 2003). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Medical Impairments and Critical Driving Skills in Massachusetts Research Paper, n.d.)
Medical Impairments and Critical Driving Skills in Massachusetts Research Paper.
(Medical Impairments and Critical Driving Skills in Massachusetts Research Paper)
Medical Impairments and Critical Driving Skills in Massachusetts Research Paper.
“Medical Impairments and Critical Driving Skills in Massachusetts Research Paper”.
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