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The Risky Us High School Behavior, Drug Abuse and Alcohol Impairment - Essay Example

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 The research, therefore, provides the finding of the correlation between the alcohol, drug and substance use with the associated risk that accrues to the US high school students. The findings are integrated as the control points of action of the state and mitigation measures…
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The Risky Us High School Behavior, Drug Abuse and Alcohol Impairment
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Download file to see previous pages The researchers randomized the two groups of the participants; the students were selected from the high school and screened for the driving license allowing the independent, uncontrolled and unsupervised driving activity. It was distributed 30 days before the period of the study and a survey for 15-week of the research carried out on the vehicle that served instrumental in the period. The parent provided the consent and the privacy of the participants and data protected by the certificate of confidentiality.
The collected data or the demographic factors were analyzed using the multivariate sequential logistic regression. The treatment group provided the immediate feedback information of the green lights without the effect of the gravitational force as well as flashing lights after an occurrence of an event. The treatment group – lights plus received the feedback from the light only and the feedback sent by the parents indicating the risks and the score for the week.
The events were not significantly different between the two groups and showed that the calculated measure of central tendency and measures of variation were higher in light plus group in relative comparison to the first group throughout the period. Lights plus group involved themselves in the few events. Thirteen percent of the sampled students were reported to drive while impaired (DWI) in the period of study. Evaluation and recorded events showed that 74% of the lights only group made the sharp cornering while 10% applied the hard braking. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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