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The Idea of Liberty in Sam Slime Case - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Idea of Liberty in Sam Slime Case" discusses that philosophical choices often are of this nature, since theory frequently leads us to the reduction which is unhappy or repugnant. One can only hope that in the real world such dilemmas will be dissolved in good measure by civility…
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The Idea of Liberty in Sam Slime Case
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Extract of sample "The Idea of Liberty in Sam Slime Case"

Download file to see previous pages The first, when Sam Slime mugs you outright is a matter for governmental law and order. Cleary there is a criminal (Sam) and a victim (you). In the second scenario the government, in the guise of a benevolent company decides to rehabilitate Sam and gives him your hard-earned money through further taxation, another kind of economic stimulus perhaps. In this case when you resist, as you would have in the first case, you are the criminal because this master says that you have to pay and suddenly you are on the wrong side of justice. But, how can this be if the laws of the land are written to explicitly prohibit this kind of injustice? In these two cases, stealing is occurring and there is no difference whether it is through the government or between individuals I the street, it is as if the appropriation of money through taxes is simply another form of slavery.
What do we mean by serving two masters? In Statism, as we can see by these two scenarios, there may be many views of what liberty and as many views of what justice for all means. However, it is important that only one view of liberty be maintained if true justice is to be preserved. This multiplicity of views comes from the diverse nature of authority that the state can wield. Each governing body or person in authority may then have their own propensity to set varying standard of principles and conduct, this as opposed to the one view of liberty that is necessary for coherent justice. “Indeed, there could be authorities which would compromise liberty in favour of other values. In a libertarian society, however, liberty must be pre-eminent.” (Kukathas 9)
It can certainly be espoused that both cases are morally the same. From the perspective of the victim in each they are being denied something they feel is their right to possess. In the first case, it is your hard-earned money, in the second it is Sam’s State given right to his unearned income as guaranteed him by the system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Idea of Liberty in Sam Slime Case Coursework)
The Idea of Liberty in Sam Slime Case Coursework.
“The Idea of Liberty in Sam Slime Case Coursework”.
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