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When is Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawful - Essay Example

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This research paper” When is Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawful?” illustrates the proponent viewpoints of the business case for diversity as well as discussing the current equal opportunities framework which currently exists in the United Kingdom…
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When is Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawful
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Download file to see previous pages The author is essentially suggesting that the modern notion of diversity is nothing more than a culmination of various legislation, working as somewhat of a window-dressing to promote a positive business focus on corporate social responsibility. Interestingly, the basic notion of diversity tends to suggest elements of equality and fairness as part of the diversity campaign. Despite this, Scott-Parker clearly views the diversity business case as one without a sound sociological outcome on the organizational culture but as one in which genuine social connection amongst working professionals is absent. Despite this viewpoint, The Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (2007) offers several distinct advantages which support the business case for diversity. The authors indicate that wider varieties of skills and experiences maintained by diverse staff members will lead to a broader series of solutions to business problems when these ideas are tapped into. Additionally, it is suggested that staff retention levels can be reduced, leading to a more manageable budget in human resource activities. Further, it is offered that the business case for diversity increases staff efficiency in cross-functional team projects when employees understand how to function in groups maintaining widely-different demographics. From this perspective, the contemporary business case for diversity is supported by a number of positive outcomes leading to cost-savings, team efficiency, and the ability to brainstorm ideas to create immediate business solutions to complicated issues. From this viewpoint, fairness and equality as the only acceptable constructs of diversity in business could not possibly hope to serve performance-related outcomes of the aforementioned magnitude. In a team environment, fairness and equality are common themes of building healthy social relationships, thus the business case for promoting organization-wide diversity policies not only ensures that these activities are occurring but provides the regulatory framework to ensure organization-wide compliance as well. Compliance cannot possibly be secured with a philosophy of fairness and equality alone. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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