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Library Science: Internet Filtering - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the meaning and definition of censorship in regard to library Internet filtering and discusses why the act of internet filtering is important in public libraries and how the procedure of internet filtering violates the 1st amendment of the right to free speech…
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Library Science: Internet Filtering
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Library Science: Internet Filtering" talks about the meaning and definition of censorship in regard to library Internet filtering and discusses why the act of internet filtering is important in public libraries and how the procedure of internet filtering violates the 1st amendment of the right to free speech. In most cases, librarians can restrict or apply censorship to patron exposure especially on objectionable, inconvenient or incorrect internet content. Therefore, censorship entails the process of blocking or suppressing content from viewership. Censorship tends to operate on at least two principles thus the white list and the blacklist principle. The black list principle is simply the blocking filters whereas the white principle tends to work inversely. Censorship in library internet remains an important process given the availability of information, which is always available especially on the internet. Ыuch restrictions also apply at various levels and institutions. Governments are also associated with censorship in library internet. An effective internet filtering process remains important, especially in public libraries. Granting the library users unencumbered access to the internet tends to open the library to multiple problems, which include security issues, legal trouble and lack of productivity in the library. In this case, unencumbered access tends to pose a grave risk. An effective internet filtering will definitely judge any malicious web data that is based on the content. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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