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Court report - Essay Example

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Legal institutions in the UK strive to deliver justice by convicting persons guilty of unlawful acts, resolving civil disputes in the society and interpreting the laws to concerned parties. The British legal system has a wide variety of legal institutions that perform different…
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Court report
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Download file to see previous pages The court tries and decides appeals from lower courts on matters of public concern to settle legal contentions and uncertainties surrounding the questions presented before the bench. This report aims at exploring the Acts applicable the trial of an accused depending on the crime committed. It outlines the activities regarding the relationship among the persons present in the courtroom during trial. It further explores the rights of the accused before conviction.
During a court process, members of the public follow court proceedings from a public gallery to ensure the legal process open and transparent. Before accessing the gallery, those in attendance undergo rigorous security checks to ensure safety during the court process. Upon arrival in the courtroom, I accessed a list of cases being tried on that particular day. The trial involved a defendant charges on two accounts. On the first account, the defendant was facing charges of the possession of marijuana. On the second account was the intent of peddling and supply of the same. Under the UK drug act, possession and peddling of the drugs face penalties depending on the classification of the drug in question. Illegal drugs are categorized into different classes; hard drugs like cocaine and heroin are under class A and attract severe penalties. Marijuana and anabolic steroids are categorized under class B and attract lesser penalties compared to class A (UK Government, 2015). The drugs policy also stipulates different penalties for the intended use of the drugs. If an accused is arrested with large amounts of drugs and cash at the same time, he is charged for drug trafficking and distribution. That is a serious felony and can attract a life imprisonment sentence depending on the classification of the drug. The punishment also depends on factors such as geographical distribution of the substance. Considerations are applicable to defining whether minors were involved in trafficking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Court Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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