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Identifying the political or social orientation of a viewpoint - Research Paper Example

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Premise 1: Sine the United States Constitution’s Article II grants United States President the power to appoint individuals without Senate confirmation during Senate Recesses, President Obama appointed three individuals to the Nat. Lab. Relations_Board during Christmas…
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Identifying the political or social orientation of a viewpoint
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President Obama based his recess appointments on or pro United States Constitution. The same constitution’s article II provision states the United States President has the constitutional power to appoint individuals to fill vacancies during the Senate’s recess. In fact, the same article affirms former United States President G. W. Bush appointed 171 individuals when the Senate was in recess to fill up the prevailing vacancies. In the same manner, former United States President B. Clinton appointed 139 individuals during the Senate’s recess to fill up current vacancies. The same article shows former United States President A. Johnson had appointed 14 individuals under the classification of recess appointments during his term. Under the bandwagon logic, if the prior presidents were legally allowed to appoint individuals during the Senate Recess. The recess appointments avoided the confirmation or disapproval of our assigned United States Senators during the grueling and tension-filled appointment scrutiny meetings (Rainbolt, 2014).
The pro argument has its own set of strengths. First, the first premise is true. Our United States Constitution allows the President to appoint his preferred individuals to work in government departments. Second, the second premise affirms that United States President, to the best of his knowledge, felt he did not violate any law. The president innocently felt that the appointments of the three individuals correctly done because the senators were in recess, Christmas recess (Hughes, 2004).
The pro argument has its weaknesses. First, the first premise is grounded on the general rule. The general statement dictates that the United States president can appoint individuals during the Senate recess. However, there is an exception. The Federal Court affirmed that recess appointments are allowed only during the formal or official senate recesses. The Federal court ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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