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The establishing control of a terrorist scene and its surrounding area is very critical especially for ensuring the safety of all emergency responders. The control of terrorist scenes and its surrounding is meant to avoid the possible dangers and traps for first responders. This…
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Terrorist Scene & Aftermath
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Terrorist Scene & Aftermath Affiliation The establishing control of a terrorist scene and its surrounding area is very critical especially for ensuring the safety of all emergency responders. The control of terrorist scenes and its surrounding is meant to avoid the possible dangers and traps for first responders. This paper discusses the possible dangers and traps that could face first responders. The possible dangers and traps would even be more pronounced in a more planned terrorist attacks since in this regard, the terrorist would need to react against the first responders. Hospitals in this case have a major contribution to make by making adequate preparations for the injured people after terrorist attacks.
Terrorist attacks could be planned or completely disorganized, but it is always good to presume that any terror attacks have organized traps for the first responders. This aspect calls for extra carefulness for who should or should not take the first response step (Weiss, 2001, pg.117). First responders do not always find their actions rewarding. In some cases, terrorist ambush those willing to take first action by shooting at them, planting bombs in unexpected locations, trapping them within buildings, or making them appear like they were among the terror attackers among other dangers and traps. Some terrorist attacks however may not need to be planned for the dangers to be high. Attacks made using radiological dispersion devices are generally dangerous for first responders who may lack the expertise to detect harmful radiations (Runge, 2009, pg. 407). The invisible radiations in this regards could be part of the dangers and traps arising from a well-planned terrorist attack of such kind.
In the case of terrorist attacks, hospitals within the locality are likely to be interrupted since they are faced with the obligation of accommodating the injured victims. In order for hospitals to avoid adverse interruptions, they should prepare a disaster plan to prepare for major influxes of injured individuals after terrorist attacks. This plan for enhancing preparedness should include an effective plan for handling the deceased especially in worse case situations (Lowe & Hummel, 2014, pg. 211). The preparedness plan may include contingencies that would encompass the hospital’s strategy. The hospital can also adopt the plan to include further actions such as handling victims of terrorism attack earlier even before arriving at the hospital. This could be done like the case of many hospitals that have already implemented plans for handling victims of other disasters such as storms or typical accidents (Lowe & Hummel, 2014, pg. 211).
In the preparation plan, some things could be considered. Since terrorist attack can occur at any given time, hospitals can reduce the typical 12-hours shifts to at 6-hour shifts. The shorter shifts would ensure a better respond to victims of terrorist attacks since the medical practitioners would now have less working stress than in the case of the 12-hour shifts (Lowe & Hummel, 2014). This would make it easier and more efficient to respond to victims and handle the deceased individuals with much ease. Hospitals can also expand their morgue facilities and employ the same shifting strategies in order to ensure anytime handing of the deceased.
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