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Derrick Bell - the Founder of Critical Race Theory - Case Study Example

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This paper "Derrick Bell - the Founder of Critical Race Theory" focuses on the fact that for many people Derrick Bell is a buddy, champion, inspiration, and mentor. He was born in 1931 and lived a very productive life until his death 80 years later on October 5th, 2011. …
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Derrick Bell - the Founder of Critical Race Theory
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Extract of sample "Derrick Bell - the Founder of Critical Race Theory"

Download file to see previous pages The objective of this paper is to extensively examine the life and revolutionary work of Derrick Bell.
Derrick had success at law school just like a number of his white colleagues at a time when a race was still a fundamental issue in the United States. Still, he was not able to find a job at any of those big firms in the country due to his race. This never deterred derrick who immediately embarked on a different path. This formed the commencement of a life of service to people who underwent tough social times due to their lives as minority groups and for those who believed in liberty and social justice (Bell 1). Years down the line, beneficiaries of this path that he took today are countless and continue to enjoy these liberties in an environment where those who were considered minorities can now prosper (Bell).
As one of those who led the way as civil rights lawyers operating on the vanguard of Civil Rights Movement, this exceptional man oversaw more than three hundred school desegregation cases. At this point, he was also working together with the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. While flourishing in these previous services to the people, he realized his true calling teaching law. Described by many as their mentor and best professor including the current President of America, President Barrack Obama, it is essential also to mention that he was the first Harvard Law School Professor of the African-American origin. In this part of his career, he also made history by renouncing this position in protest of the institution’s resistance to absorb women of colour. He argued that the need for faculty diversity was essential without discrimination of any single group (Dewart 2). He also briefly served at the Oregon Law School that was dominated by white staff. Here, he became the first person of colour to hold a deanship position in the history of America. At this institution too, he bowed out of his position after an incident where the institution exhibited reluctance to hire an exceedingly competent Asian-American woman (Dewart 2).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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