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To what extent do the psychological theories of crime contribute to an explanation of the offender's involvement in: sexual abuse: Jimmy Saville - Essay Example

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Considering the influence of nature and nurture that is relative in the determination of criminal behavior, moral development us…
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To what extent do the psychological theories of crime contribute to an explanation of the offenders involvement in: sexual abuse: Jimmy Saville
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Extract of sample "To what extent do the psychological theories of crime contribute to an explanation of the offender's involvement in: sexual abuse: Jimmy Saville"

Download file to see previous pages Environment is attributed to the factors like poverty, large sizes of families, poor techniques of rearing children and low income in the family. It is well known as well as defined that the offensive nature of individuals are concentered in families and are passed done generations from one to the next. However, this could be due to social and environmental factors playing roles in the offending behaviors (Sweeten et al. 2013, pp.921–938).
To specify the psychological theory of crimes distinctively is difficult. In this entry, the principals that guide is that the psychological theories focus on the individual and family factors influence on the offending. Psychological theories of crime are usually developmental in that they are trying to explain the offenders’ development from childhood to adulthood. Such theories emphasis lies on the continuity rather than discontinuity on the individual from childhood to adulthood. From this perspective, the assumption that is common is that the ordering of individuals on a construct that is underlying like the potential for criminal is relatively construct with time.
Offending as viewed by the psychologists is a type of behavior that resembles antisocial behaviors in several ways. Thus, it is possible to apply theories, methods, and knowledge of other types of antisocial behaviors in studying crime. That the theory that offending is considered as an element of a larger syndrome of antisocial behavior was popularized by Lee Robins. This basis is used to classify of antisocial personality disorder as psychiatric. It is argued that personality that is antisocial is normal in early life and most of the times it does persist from childhood to adulthood manifesting with different behaviors.
Criminal activities such as sexual assault on individuals are thought to be because of psychological problems that individuals encountered during their development in childhood days. This criminal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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