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Business law ( a righteous strike ) based in oman - Case Study Example

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Article 105 of Oman labor laws require the employer to fix proper procedures and places where the grievances and complaints from workers can be articulated. Article 105…
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Business law ( a righteous strike ) case study based in oman
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Download file to see previous pages According to article 107, the management of a retail outlet has a chance to use the procedures that were approved by competent directorate to negotiate with their workers. The management can engage in a constructive dialog with the retail workers union officials to iron out the issues that are causing labor disputes. The process will involve a comprehensive dialogue where the workers can present their grievances and demands to the managers of the retail outlet for consideration. On the other hand, the company officials can present the facts on the table and explain the company’s ability to comply with the workers demands. Article 107 also outlines the procedure to be followed in resolving such disputes where the company does not have the appropriate mechanisms and procedures of addressing the challenge. For instance, retail outlet managers may apply to relevant competent directorate to act as an arbitrator in the negotiation process.
Article 107 B also gives the labor minister the authority to issue directives for requiring the employers to organize a collective bargaining forum to settle the disputes. The minister is also given powers by the constitution to issue a directive to the employer. Start collective bargaining process with their employees with the aim of finding a solution on stalemate due to workers grievances on promotion, working conditions and organizing closures and peaceful strikes. The management of the company has all the above avenues as per the provisions of the Oman labor laws to pursue in resolving the dispute. According to article 33 of the Omani labor laws, the workers of retail outlet are entitled to have a medical cover paid for them by their employers Omanis strike for a better pay and bonus).
The labor law requires an employer with more than one hundred employees to hire a nurse who will be going round and offer first aid services to the employees an organization. The article also requires the employer to provide a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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