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Policemen of the World Outline - Assignment Example

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This paper "Policemen of the World Outline" focuses on the major international incidences that took place around the world shaped the manner the current occurrences around the world would take place. Some of the incidences continue to date, and they are based on the past occurrences. …
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Policemen of the World Outline
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Download file to see previous pages There were many trade rules implemented that governed the manner trading activities were being undertaken around various borders between countries. Organizations such as World Trade Organizations were major bodies that oversaw the means the trading activities were being undertaken between countries around the world (Schultz, 2014).
The international trade has given countries around the world to improve their economy. They get to earn foreign exchange thereby leading to an improvement in the economy for various countries around the world. The rules that the heads of the organization have come up with has given the heads of various countries the chance to get good trading locations and even undertake the trading activities smoothly.
The United States introduced a foreign policy on the war that took place around the world. They sent military enforcement to countries like Afghanistan in order to quell the incidences of war that took place within the country. The policy was also aimed at training the Afghan soldiers to avert a rise in the level of terrorist activities within the country.
In addition, the United States also keeps a close look at all that takes place in Yemeni. They sent their military intelligence to keep a close eye on all that what taking place within the country and later came up with a policy that safeguards the interests of all the Yemen citizens. The United States also used this chance to win the confidence of the citizens from the Arab countries and build good trade ties in the end (Dwyer, 2011).
Three aspects of the United States history since 1865 that prompted the United States’ rise a superpower included monetary reasons, religious and good perspectives, and geopolitical reasons. To start with, American ministers accepted that it was their obligation to spread Christianity to the unseemly ranges of the world. Second, European countries were viably partitioning the asset rich territories of the world in the middle of them and were benefitting significantly from these districts.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Policemen of the World Outline Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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