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The paper 'Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues' presents two major aspects which determine the abilities of the conscience. These are the natural endowment and the social conditioning that one encounters. Natural endowment occurs under the makeup of an individual’s personality determined by factors like the intelligent level…
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Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues
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A well-trained conscience stands a better chance in making upright decisions than one inadequately trained. Looking at the natural and social factors determining the shaping of an individuals conscience, one brought up in an apathetic society and under an environment perverted of what is right is most likely to participate in unethical actions. There also are extremists who look for the slightest loop in any decision made, these are likely to see wrong in any actions taken (Ruggerio, 2008). The conscience stands as the best guide an individual has to distinguish between right and wrong (Ruggerio, 2008, pg. 39). Not to be forgotten is importance on the need of time and intelligence is needed when making a decision.
Shifting attention to the inquiries and viewing them from the ethical standpoint of the actions is vital in showing ethical and unethical decisions. Looking at the scene of the cosmetologist in a local beauty salon is exceptional in determining right and wrong.
1) A cosmetologist takes pride in his love of making his clients feel great about themselves in their features and looks. He does this while recommending the use of the products he has in store despite the fact that they are not as effective as publicized to be. His emphasis is on clients attractiveness as what all his clients should have.
2) People need to have high self-esteem to be confident.
3) Building peoples self-esteem to give them confidence based on untrue comments is tantamount to lying.
4) Lying is unethical.
5) The cosmetologists make the clients build confidence in the products he has for sale in order to receive high sales and thus high returns despite the fact that the products are not as effective as they are claimed to be. This is treacherous
6) Treachery is unethical.
7) Thus, it is unethical for a cosmetologist to use the clients in order to make high sales while selling them nonperforming products. Retaining a high reputation out of giving false complements to clients is unethical as it denies the clients a chance to seek what is best. Read More
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Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 479 Words.
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