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Thinking Critically - Essay Example

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The concealing of the discussion from the public and the press suggest a situation of confidentiality of issues, which could cause state threat. The state delegates are expected to…
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Thinking Critically
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Extract of sample "Thinking Critically"

Thinking Critically Thinking Critically According to Moore , ethical values determine a person’s conduct in various circumstances. The concealing of the discussion from the public and the press suggest a situation of confidentiality of issues, which could cause state threat. The state delegates are expected to discuss the issue of national interest. The press, on the other hand, is responsible for informing the public.
The press and the delegates fail to embrace reasoning. The use of incorrect credentials implies lack of honesty and integrity. Publishing of the meeting’s discussion could be a fallacy because some of the state issues should be secretive to ensure state security. The delegates on the other hand failed to consider their state of the national issues and their importance to the public. Declaring the meeting confidential as a result implied a deviation from ethical values of transparency and respect for the rights of public to information access (Ruggiero, 2011). Critical thinking determines ethical issues through its control of human actions and beliefs depending on an individual’s understanding and hence belief.
The press should inform the public. The delegates, on the other hand, want to secure their discussion. Need to inform and the need to ensure confidentiality of the meetings discussions are in conflict. There is also a conflict between personal ethics and profession. The society needs to equip itself with a mentality that appreciates critical thinking (Moore, 2010). Critical mentality helps curb any future appeal to the mass, in this case, the press. Critical approach to issues will enable the use of value-based ethical thinking to avoid conflict of obligations and the possible consequences of such counteracting needs (Ruggiero, 2011).
Moore T. D. (2010). Critical Thinking and Intelligence Analysis. Darby, PA: DIANE Publishing.
Ruggiero, V. R. (2011). Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues. Dubuque: McGraw-Hill. Read More
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