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Why Sexual Assaults Should Not Have a Chance to Be Free - Essay Example

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The paper "Why Sexual Assaults Should Not Have a Chance to Be Free" states that the sex offenders’ sentences would be shortened rather than life imprisonments. These offenders released back to the streets give them a chance to repeat their violent behaviors again and again…
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Why Sexual Assaults Should Not Have a Chance to Be Free
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Extract of sample "Why Sexual Assaults Should Not Have a Chance to Be Free"

Criminals charged with sexual assaults should not be given any chance to walk freely on the streets. Their release put underage girls and women to leave in fears. Gardner is a sex predator in the United States that anyone could fear. His release made public to question the criminal justice system’s integrity.

Where the system failed
John Gardner had charges of assaulting and molesting a minor in 2000, after five years in prison he got released, and two years later, he would be discovered living some few miles from a center of daycare. Rather than jailing him back for parole’s violation, john gardener remained free. Keeping this sex predator on the street showed an incompetent decision the justice system made (Holmes, 1991, p. 29). The defendant had vital predatory traits towards small girls and should be put in prison for a long time span as possible to protect a girl child against the sexual offense. After setting gardener free, a number of victims suffered sexual assault and further caused the death of other two young women. Freeing Gardener and later resulting Amber Dubois, and Chelsea king’s death set fears all over, and the world would be seen to be no longer safe. This imposed hard tasks on parents and institutions to guard the girl child against sex offenders. It is thus unusual and cruel punishment when the justice system leaves these monsters to walk freely and put children and women at a risk (McCarthy, 1991, p.4). Read More
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