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Liability of Law Enforcement Officers - Essay Example

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In the case, the complainant was suing the police over the way they conducted themselves after she reported that her estranged husband had kidnapped her three daughters. In yet another case,…
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Liability of Law Enforcement Officers
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Extract of sample "Liability of Law Enforcement Officers"

Download file to see previous pages Yes. This is evident in the two cases of Castle Rock v. Gonzales and Brosseau v. Haugen. In the cases, it is clear that there was unfair treatment to complainants and the Supreme Court had judged in favor towards the law enforcement officials.
No. This is because in the first case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, the plaintiff had called the police station severally to report the case of the missing daughters and their whereabouts yet the police failed to act. Later on the accused showed up in the police station and started a shootout with the police and by that time, he had killed the three daughters. Therefore, the police had no immunity in the case. In the second case, officer Brosseau was in the wrong because she shot a person who had not posed any threat to her life or the life of anybody in that matter (Del Carmen, 2009, p. 450).
No. this is because if such a concept is accepted, the police officers will carry out unfair arrests and killings without fear of persecution as in the case of Brosseau v. Haugen (Del Carmen, 2009, p. 451).
Yes. This will enable the citizens to get fair trials because they will have the power to complain over extra judicial killings or arrests. It will also act as a shield of the citizens towards the police over the way they conduct themselves in times of critical decision-making (Del Carmen, 2009, p. 450).
In both cases, it is evident that the police officers had acted unjustly to the complainants. The judges’ decisions on both cases were also unfair. Therefore, in conclusion there is unjust treatment in the legal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Liability of Law Enforcement Officers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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