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The Issue of Equality and Fairness between Employees - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "The Issue of Equality and Fairness between Employees" it is clear that the working class and the employing class should stand and live on equal grounds. Equality should be achieved in order for peace and unity to be possible between the labor workforce and the employing group…
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The Issue of Equality and Fairness between Employees
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Extract of sample "The Issue of Equality and Fairness between Employees"

Download file to see previous pages Inputs include all the rich and diverse elements that employees believe they bring, or contribute, to the job – seniority, prior work experiences and job performance. Outcomes are the rewards they perceive they get from their jobs and employers; outcomes include direct pay and bonuses, fringe benefits, job security and economic rewards.
Employees analyze the fairness of their own outcome/input "contract", and then compare their contract with contracts of other workers in similar jobs and even with those outside their job. Fairness of rewards (equity) may even be judged in comparison with relative criteria such as gender.
Pay was a symbolic scorecard by which an employee may compare his/her outcomes with his/her inputs. An employees' reaction may be one of the three combinations that can occur from social and pay comparisons - equity, over reward and underreward.
If employees perceive equity, they will be motivated to continue to contribute at about the same level. Otherwise, under conditions of inequity, they will experience tension that will create the motivation to reduce the inequity. The UK labor sector is still composed mostly of direct hire workers and employees although there is no doubt that there is a constant increase in the emergence of agency workers who mostly get affected with the ongoing issue of inequality.
With this situation, the agency workers are susceptible to inequality or abuse in the employment sector. It is apparent that the legal framework and constitution should be reviewed and understood in reference to the rights that these agency workers have and if they are indeed fully covered and sheltered from any maltreatment of any kind. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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