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Fairness in the Treatment of Employees and Its Benefits - Essay Example

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INTRODUCTION: It is important for the organisations to make sure that all employees are treated in the appropriate manner. The employees or human resource are one of the vital element for the success of the organisations and for this reason, the management of organisations give due attention to the wellbeing of the employees…
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Fairness in the Treatment of Employees and Its Benefits
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"Fairness in the Treatment of Employees and Its Benefits"

Download file to see previous pages Organisations should make sure that the employees are provided with the fair salary, benefits, and growth opportunities on the basis of their performance and abilities. Apart from this all policies and strategies of the organisation should be in compliance with the employment legislations (Koys, 1991). In this paper an attempt has been to understand the concept of the fair treatment of employees and its benefits. Along with this the role of the human resource function has been evaluated in this regard. The impact of employment legislation on the fair treatment practices is also explored. FAIRNESS IN THE TREATMENT OF EMPLOYEES AND ITS BENEFITS: It is highly important for the organisations to treat all employees fairly and equally. The term fairness is interchangeable with the justice. This means that the organisations should treat every individual employee equally irrespective of the cast, colour, gender, or any disability. For this purpose there have been different laws and legislation. The organisations have to make sure that they have effective and efficient compliance management strategy in order to implement and follow all related laws and regulations. There have been several researchers who have worked on different research studies in order to assess and explore the impact of fair treatment and legal compliance on the organisational growth and development. Most of these research studies concluded that fair treatment results in increasing the employees’ motivation and satisfaction level, which in turn directly influence the productivity level of employees. Human resource is one of the most important assets of the organisation and in order to make most out of it the organisation should come up with strategies and policies to increase the motivation and satisfaction level of this vital asset. There are different dimensions associated with the fair treatment of the employees or justice with the employees. Most of the research studies in this regard have been done under the domain of the organisational justice. The organisational justice constitutes of different dimensions which in turn have vital associations with different organisational element and phenomena (Greenberg, 1996). These organisational phenomena includes benefit and compensation systems (Cowherd and Levine, 1992), restructuring of the organisation, the systems for punishment and grievance, and different outcomes like commitment, citizenship, conflict, trust, and several other (Konovsky and Brockner, 1993; Dailey and Krik, 1992; Greenberg, 1993). The organisational justice has been divided into two different dimensions by the researchers in this filed. First is the procedural justice which is about the questions and procedures regarding the fair treatment and process. On the other and the second dimension is of the distributive justice that focuses on the fair allocation and outcomes. According to the research studies of Cohen-Charash and Spector (2001) and Colquitt et al (2001), the organisational justice and fair treatment of the employees result in increasing the job satisfaction, increasing the overall job performance, decrease the different employees’ withdrawal behaviours like turnover and absenteeism, increases the commitment of the employees with the organisation, and high organisational citizenship ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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