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Jury system of United States - Essay Example

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To know what is right and what is wrong in the world of criminals; jury system has been developed. The objective of jury system is to provide the feeling of guilt and innocence to the accused people what they actually deserve. In other words it's a system that investigate the crime and its main major roots…
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Jury system of United States

Download file to see previous pages... As in the book "On the Grand Jury", the indication taken from "United States v. Calandra in 1974" that Supreme Court says about the jury system that its purpose is not only to investigate possible criminal conduct but also to act as a "protector of citizen against arbitrary and oppressive government action" and to perform this action jury "deliberates in secret and may determine alone the course of its inquiry". Though this is very much true that without thorough investigation the jury server are not intent to ensnare the crime with deserving prosecution or claiming them for their deeds or warranting the prosecutors for being innocent. Jurors are authorize to dismiss any person in the government incase if not serving the country sincerely. It's their duty to listen the person who is accused by the prosecutors and the person selected to be the government employee or brought in the country is secure from any inducement. Jurors are the first protectors of citizens and for the people who are accused by the law unconstitutionally.

In an article by James W. Gilchrist, Jr. quoted the idea of juries in Virginia Colony is, "When the case was given to the jury, it was locked up without food or water until it reached a verdict. A juryman could not leave his fellows until a verdict was reached, which, as one writer noted, made prolonged disagreement practically unknown."

Ans. Mangna Carta is a si...
When the several jurisdictions to pass local Imperial Acts legislation came to consider which statutes to include as part of the received Imperial statute law of the jurisdiction, they all included Magna Carta. As several of these statutes are relatively recent, and all of them the product of 20th century consideration, they represent a judgment by law-makers that the linkage with Magna Carta should be maintained in contemporary law, even if only for sentimental rather than practical reasons.

In the cases of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and New Zealand, many of the problems of identifying the relevant chapters of Magna Carta that apply have been solved by local Imperial Acts legislation. In all cases the legislature has not only indicated which version of Magna Carta applies that enactment is part of the statute law of the jurisdiction. Nevertheless, there are some minor differences between these jurisdictions to be noticed, especially in the case of the Australian Capital Territory, where the relevant text of the 1297 statute includes the preamble. In New Zealand, while schedule1 of the Imperial Laws Application Act 1988 (NZ) only refers to chapter 29 of the statute of 1297, the version reprinted for reference in the Reprinted Statutes of New Zealand includes the preamble to Magna Carta 1297.

It follows from such legislation that no other chapters in the version of 1297, and none of the provisions of any of the earlier versions of Magna Carta, are part of the law of the jurisdictions in which Imperial Acts legislation is in force. This has not, however, prevented consideration of the legal origins of ancient offices and show that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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