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Intellectual property / copyright legal research - Essay Example

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This Research Record is to be brought to tutorials as it provides the framework for the tutorial work. Tutorials will generally involve a discussion of the methodology and processes of legal research and an opportunity to practice those skills to enable you to complete this Research Record…
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Intellectual property / copyright legal research
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Extract of sample "Intellectual property / copyright legal research"

Download file to see previous pages The pages of this research record are for you to document your learning of legal research. The amount of "blank space" on each page gives you an indication of the length of answer required to address each question. Remember it is "quality not quantity" that is important. An answer with three or four relevant textbooks is better that an answer with fifteen out of date and only minorly relevant text books.
Attendance at tutorials is compulsory and will be considered in allocating your mark for the Research Records. Collaboration amongst students in class is encouraged so that you can help each other learn. However, the Research Records are an individual assessment item so be wary of excessive collaboration.
I would like to acknowledge the various members of staff who have contributed to earlier versions of this document and the earlier formulations of this unit. The unit today is an accumulation of collective experience.
Good luck and enjoy learning how to conduct rigorous legal research! It can be frustrating at times but learning how to find the law by appropriate legal research will be one of the most important learning experiences for you at Law School.
Law in its broadest sociological sense is a field of experience shaped and structured by problems of government, social control, and social order. Lawyers and others whose work is directly concerned with the operation of the state legal system are much concerned with a specific professional experience of law. This is an experience of interpreting, reformulating, systematizing, supplementing, and applying an accumulation of officially recognized practices, recedents, and prescriptions, which relate to problems of government and of maintaining social order and control. In other words, lawyers and legal officials experience law, professionally, as doctrine: established rules, regulations, procedures, guiding principles, and normative concepts, together with specialized modes of reasoning with these various legal ideas.
QUESTION: What do you think is the relevance of this unit What do you hope to achieve and what will be the long term outcome of these tutorials
Thus unit is about Legal Research which can lead us in many directions. The long term outcomes will that we may illustrate legal research in all types of law by investigating the legal dimensions.
QUESTION: Reflect upon the Legal Information Skills Audit (over the page) and Learning Styles Inventory (on the OLT site) you completed this week. What does this tell you about the way you will need to approach learning in this unit
Legal Information Skills Audit enables us to conduct legal research. Many of the legal information skills guides produced locally by law librarians and law teachers that we found through our research were guides to such services.
Sources of legal information, traditionally located in bound books, are gradually being displaced into an electronic network consisting of both electronic "documents" and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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