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The Tortilla Curtain - Essay Example

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Insert name Tutor Course Date The Tortilla Curtain Question # 1 Firstly, Delany and his neighbors are afraid of the potential maltreatment that they could face the moment their identity as illegal migrants is exposed. Such an exposure would make them vulnerable to exploitation by the mainstream white locals in the farms, homes and industries…
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The Tortilla Curtain
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"The Tortilla Curtain"

Download file to see previous pages The increasing number of criminal elements in the neighborhood who create havoc by engaging in robberies such as the one that has left the Candidos with nothing to sustain their life, threatens to expose the immigrants’ safe haven to scrutiny by security and immigration agencies in the foreign land. In light of this potentially bleak future, Delaney’s character enables him to blend well within the society, at least temporarily. The cuts the image of a liberal individual with a clean driving record riding in a roadworthy Japanese car with unique registration details, before accidentally hitting Candido. My fear is that Delaney’s accident free driving record and his customized number plate, meant to attract the least of the public attention to his movements within the neighborhood seems to be compromised the moment his car rams Candido taking away his productivity. Delaney’s uncontrolled emotions also present a fearfully bleak future for him especially when he threateningly points a gun at Candido for causing a fire in the neighborhood. ...
entially depicts the generosity of the owners of the food store and that of the donor customer towards members of the poor people in the neighborhood. The plot outlines the socio-economic and political gap between the higher-end and the lower-end segments of the society; and a concerted effort by some segments of the society to bridge it through business promotions and charity campaigns. (b) Even though the Mossbachers have secured an apartment inside the walled neighborhood with secure gates, they are depicted as having a fair share of their own unique challenges. The family is infuriated by the wrath of nature witnessed in the killing of one of their two pets by a coyote. Boyle’s narration of their agony in response to the dog killing incident is seemingly more unbearable to the couple than the suffering of fellow illegal immigrants, most of who are like the Candidos, who struggle to secure basic needs in vain (37). Candido and his pregnant wife are left with nothing after the robbery incident, a situation that prompts them to scavenge at fast food shops. Question # 4 The US government’s deployment of millions of illegal migrants to various sectors to provide casual labor such in local farms, homes, construction sites, and food joints, and care facilities presents a moral dilemma as most of them fled their native countries due to unbearable socio-economic and political conditions. The resulting enactment of tough immigration laws that are aimed at excluding illegal aliens from doing government jobs has ethical repercussions as well. On the one hand, the aliens’ denial of government jobs in various sectors leaves them with the option to turn to fewer private investors and property owners for livelihood. The huge number of the undocumented aliens who run into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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