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Discrimination has been a reality for a prolonged period, based on a feature that allows people to look at other individuals as less worthy, less gifted, less skilled and containing other less desirable qualities. …
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Workplace Discrimination
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"Workplace Discrimination"

Download file to see previous pages Humans have always developed ways of stereotyping their fellow human beings using age, race, gender, religion, or ethnicity as their basis. It is only in current days that individuals have taken the trouble to look at discrimination as a challenge instead of looking at it as a solution. For example, segregation on the basis of race was at one point taken to be part of the natural order. Moreover, the right to vote was withdrawn from people belonging to the members of the female population to protect the different communities, solely because females, by virtue of their appearance, were presumed not to posses the survival characteristics. In addition, there is no society which escaped the negative components presented by discrimination. Also, there is no society which can claim that it does not have elements of discrimination in its different structures today. Racial discrimination also has a long history, with a number of people seeing racial discrimination as a faultlessly natural feature of life. Nonetheless, in recent times, racial discrimination in the work place has become a more significant subject. Its increased presence may be the result of the opposition of different elements; the workforce that is still continuing to be racist, and a recession that places jobs at a premium and makes employers to be particularly choosy during employment (Feagin, 2006). This paper will look at racial discrimination in the modern workplace. The paper will accomplish this by analyzing a current case of workplace discrimination in drawing conclusions regarding the effects of discrimination on organizational productivity. In America, it is constitutionally unlawful to engage in any form of discrimination against employees based on any reason, but the cases and evidences of workplace discrimination seem to be increasing with every passing day. In today’s world of competition, it has become extremely important for organizations to stop workplace discrimination because it is a factor that not only results in decreasing organizational productivity but also affects the quality of business processes. Although the government of the United States has implemented effective laws, such as, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 to stop workplace discrimination, there is still a lot more that needs to be done to keep this negative element out of the workplace. Nevertheless, the basic federal laws that deal with racial discrimination in the workplace can all be found in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964. By and large, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 disallows employers from engaging in the following activities: refusing or failing to sign up an employee on the basis of their race; providing workers lesser benefits or paying a worker less because of the racial orientation; failing to give promotions, opportunities, or benefits to a worker because of their race; and segregating or not properly classifying applicants or workers by race (Memmi, 2000). In addition, employment agencies are not allowed to reach decisions on work assignments on the basis of a person’s race. Also, labor representatives and unions cannot expel people or refuse membership to individuals because of their race. Discrimination on the basis of race in the workplace can be illustrated in a number of ways, some of which can be obvious or blatant. Nonetheless, racial discrimination can frequently be restrained and more difficult to notice, for example, an employer failing to promote an employee or higher an applicant because of their racial makeup. Therefore, it may be asserted that a worker who experiences unfavorable treatment because of his race is a victim of racial discrimination. Additionally, racial discrimina ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Workplace Discrimination Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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