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Harmful ingredients within protein shakes - Essay Example

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Protein shakes elements and legislative issues Name: Institution: PROTEIN SHAKES ELEMENTS AND LEGISLATIVE ISSUES Protein shakes have gained popularity to men, women and children, who wish to increase their body protein levels. However, the manufacturers do little to look at the levels of the elements put during the preparation…
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Harmful ingredients within protein shakes
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Download file to see previous pages Protein shake is a mixture of a powdered form of protein with water, juice, or milk. Bodybuilders consume this mixture after or before practice to supplement their diets increase the protein levels in the body. Bodybuilders usually require high levels of protein to achieve maximum muscle growth. The exact amount of protein, that an athlete is uncertain, and usually left for the user to decide the desired amount. The protein powder is, in variety flavors, to suit the different users. Protein shakes are a popular source of protein since it is directly absorbed into the body. However, the levels of nutrients found in it may not be in the amount exactly required. Different people require different levels of nourishment needs. For example in the human structure, women require more iron as compared to men. In studies conducted and reported by independent laboratories in United States, popular brands of protein shakes prove to contain higher than the recommended levels of heavy metals. The law recommends a minimum of fifteen, five, ten, and fifteen micrograms per day of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury levels respectively. This shows that a majority of the brands of powder shakes are a threat to the health of their users (Coleman, 2008). Cadmium is one of the extremely poisonous metals. Thus, even very small traces of cadmium present in the body can cause severe damage in the body. Usually this metal is majorly in industrial work places. Just a small exposure to it may result to symptoms such as fever, chills, and muscle ache. With an increase in cadmium exposure, it causes respiratory damages such as pneumonitis, trachea-bronchitis, and pulmonary edema. Cadmium poisoning too affects other internal organs such as kidney and bones (Avedon, 2007). Another heavy metal present in a majority of the protein shakes is lead. Lead accumulates in the body leading to severe emergency symptoms. Medical experts show that even low levels of lead if present in a child may hinder a child’s mental and body development. In addition, lead is more dangerous to children as compared to adults. Some of the complications because of lead poisoning include; kidney damage, hearing problems, hindering body growth, reduced levels of IQ, and behavior problems. Its symptoms include headaches, anemia, irritability, low appetite, abdominal pain, and cramping (Shamy, 2013). As mentioned above, mostly children are vulnerable to the effects of lead poisoning. Administering protein shakes to children can lead to disaster in children development. In 2005, a study published in pediatrics’ journal found that protein shakes is common to individuals between the ages of twelve and eighteen. This shows a majority of children gain higher protein levels by use of protein shakes (Massie, 2012). High levels of arsenic in the body lead to arsenic poisoning. At early stages of the condition, the victims suffer headaches, drowsiness, confusion, and severe diarrhea. Lungs, skin, liver, and kidneys are the major internal organs that suffer the wrath of arsenic poisoning. Very high levels usually lead to night blindness. In some cases, the victim slips into a coma and finally dies. High arsenic levels are not good for the body making protein shakes a threat to its user (Sewell, 2013). Mercury is a heavy metal, whose exposure results to hydrargyriasis. Having different symptoms from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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