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Different Ways in Collecting Physical Evidence - Assignment Example

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Different Ways in Collecting Physical Evidence First name, last name Subject Professor Submission Date Different Ways in Collecting Physical Evidence Abstract There are many different types of evidence that are available and present at a crime scene. All these types of evidence have different ways of being collected, packaged and preserved to ensure that they remain in a form that makes it possible for them to be analyzed, documented and to be presented during the trial process…
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Different Ways in Collecting Physical Evidence
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Extract of sample "Different Ways in Collecting Physical Evidence"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction The process of collecting, packaging and preserving the evidence is a key function of the crime scene team in ensuring that the crime investigators have all the necessary materials for not only finding out the exact details of how a crime was committed but also linking the crime to the correct offenders and thereafter to be able to present all this evidence in a way that assures that the correct offenders are prosecuted. There are certain set and standard ways of collecting, packaging and preserving this evidence and these have to be followed to the letter. It is of paramount importance that the evidence does not suffer any deterioration, damage or contamination that may render it unusable, unreliable or questionable. The collection and documentation of physical evidence is thus one of the most important functions in law enforcement. 1. There are many different types of physical evidence that is collected and gathered at a crime scene. ...
Another type of physical evidence is biological matter. This includes bodily fluids such as blood and semen. Yet another type of physical evidence is drug evidence. Drugs or controlled substances are usually put in a class of their own when it comes to physical evidence because of the specific types of analysis that they have to undergo to determine their exact nature, purity and quality. Drugs are also secured in a special way because of their value and the fact they are strictly controlled materials ( . 2. One prime example of physical evidence is fingerprints. Fingerprints are particular to a particular individual and the presence of a set of a person’s fingerprints at a crime scene is usually very definitive evidence placing the person at that particular crime scene. Fingerprints, especially where they are clear and complete are usually conclusive evidence of a person touching a surface and thus being physically there. Another example of physical evidence is blood especially when the crime scene includes the injury or death of a person. The evidence of blood determines the nature and scope of a victim’s injuries. The spread and the splatter of the blood at a crime scene indicate the way the injury that resulted in the loss of blood was inflicted. Trails of blood could also indicate how a victim or a body was dragged or moved either to or from a crime scene. A third example of physical evidence is fibers or pieces of clothing materials that are found on a victim. The nature and state of these fibers- if they are torn in particular way or how many they are would determine if there was a struggle or fight that went on at the crime scene. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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