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Trace evidence - Research Paper Example

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“Microanalysis today generally deals with samples in the milligram or microgram size ranges” (Kubic and Petraco, 2003, p. 251). Not many years…
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Trace evidence
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Extract of sample "Trace evidence"

Download file to see previous pages “He put the analysis of handwriting on a firmer footing, systematized the analysis of the dust in the clothes of suspects, invented a modified method of analyzing blood stains, and invented poroscopy, whereby the pores in the papillary ridges of fingerprints are used as a means of identification” (Stauffer, n.d.). The term “trace evidence” surfaced as three of Dr. Edmond Locard’s papers got published in the year 1930 in the American Journal of Police Science (, 2012). According to Locard’s Exchange Principle, there occurs a transfer of material when two objects collide. The transferred trace evidence is used to assess relationships and connections among different objects, locations, and people. The significance of the trace evidence fundamentally depends upon the quality of detection in general, and the collection and preservation of the evidence in particular. The investigator must be able to understand the transfer of material in order to interpret the analytical results.
There has occurred a revolutionary change in the crime investigation techniques over the years. In the past, it was difficult to associate a hair found at the crime spot with a suspect because of the coating of conditioner upon it. The officers investigating a case of rape or murder looked for the traces of semen or blood, but lacked proper ways of collecting the evidence. However, new and improved detection techniques are reducing the complexity of crime investigation, thus enhancing the chances of success. Detecting the link between an object or an individual and the crime is often fundamental to the successful solution of the case. These links are conventionally developed by comparison of the trace evidence. Establishment of these links is made complicated by the similarity between the samples of trace evidence and the environments in which they are located. Four of the new techniques of trace evidence, which have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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