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Employment Relationship-Shewin Memorandum - Essay Example

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Employment Relationship-Shewin Memorandum No: University: Date: Employment Relationship-Shewin Memorandum Facts The brief summary of the facts is that Shewin who is an African American, aged 45 years having advanced degrees in English and journalism from one of the famous American University in Chicago…
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Employment Relationship-Shewin Memorandum
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Download file to see previous pages For the past 6 years, she is in the same cadre. During 8 years of service, she was in the reporting line of George Doright, who was enjoying the fame of very competent, energetic and a good character boss. In the later years, the new management came in and started the process of re-organizing / re-structuring of the organization for a better performance. Accordingly, the management repositioned the location of Doright and he was transferred to another division to accomplish the assigned tasks. During the process of re-organization of the company, two editors stand retired leaving a vacuum behind them to be filled in. After mentioned development in the organization, she was transferred to work under the subordination of infamous Arthur King, the Senior Editor of Blabber. During the incumbency of King, she had to suffer a lot because she was not ready to meet the sexual desire of King. Issues After the retirement of two editors from the company, she was expecting for the said position. Despite having expertise and experience, which requires for a vacant position, she was not considered for the same. However, to fulfill the formalities of promotional requirement, she was just called for an interview. The outcome of the interview was nothing but sheer wastage of time. After a lapse of reasonable period of time in her organization, last month, she applied for a junior level position of Editor. It meant that in spite of all odds, she did not give up her hope for a respectable status in the organization, which she did not get due to obvious reasons. It is strange to note that for the vacant position, she has been interviewed by King, the Editor of Blabber, in a restaurant rather than in his office. The interview was against her expectation and she was not comfortable with the interviewer since the questions asked in the mock interview of personal nature instead of professional. The most questions revolved about her personal life and about her boy friend. She lost her confidence the way interview was conducted and of course gave up her hope for the position for which she applied for. It is interesting to note that after few weeks of conducting interview of Shewin by King, the senior Editor instead of promoting her for the post, hired the services of Gene Whiz, an outsider for the advertised vacancy although Gene has no comparison with Shewin in terms of age, qualification, working experience and expertise. Gene was just 26 years old, did her master in journalism the other day from the University of Chicago and joined local newspaper of small size to work as a reporter. Factors The self analysis of Shewin concerning key factors that disqualified her for the position applied for are: a) promotion of three women in the upper strata of management that took place before re-organization / restructuring process b) King had no role in the promotion decision c) She refused to join King outside business premises to discuss business invitations since his lust for women / bad reputation was not hidden from anybody in the company d) filing of complaints against her male counter parts while Doright was in office about their attitude of discussing their dates with girlfriends in graphics details loudly the next Monday morning of each weekend e) Doright, the then incumbent, reprimanded her male counter parts for their mentioned deeds f) five African American senior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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