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Drug Court Systems - Essay Example

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Exploring the Ethical issues regarding a Program Evaluation Customer Name: University Name: Abstract The problem of drug abuse and illegal use of hazardous substances has always been a menace to mankind, causing various sociological and psychological disorders…
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Drug Court Systems
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Download file to see previous pages Drug practices require specialized treatment and focused undeterred attention; the traditional judicial systems only emphasized to the extent of guilt and determination of sanctions not the root cause of addiction and its ramifications, the judges needed specialized training to recognize special areas of supervision and monitoring of drug addicts. But most of all the traditional disposition process was unable to handle the caseload of the rapidly increasing drug cases and was getting more and more exhausted and overcrowded hence, unable to provide for permanent or long term solutions, in order to fill the gap for a strategic judicial system, purely dedicated to individual participants caught with charges for drug related felonies and misdemeanors, specialized drug courts came into being. The drug court’s main goal was not just punishment but to reform and rehabilitate drug offenders and, eventually make them drug-free. The Drug court is a problem-solving court or, a specialized system-based approach to eradicate crimes related to drug and substance abuse. The drug court system represents the correlated, homogenized and organized efforts of judicial experts and treatment professionals to interpose and break the cycle of substance misuse and all sorts of crimes related to drug abuse and addiction. ...
All this led to the urgent need and expansive growth of drug courts. Drug Court model in American judicial structure: Drug courts showed phenomenal growth, combining the hopes of re-habilitation and incentives coupled with the promise of punishment. The drug model requires individuals arrested on drug charges to attend training and regularly scheduled court hearings and undergo periodical drug tests. An expert system of graduated sanctions, rewards participants for compliance and punishes them for non-compliance. (Whiteacre, 2008) After completion the participants may have their charges reduced or dropped. Although models for various drug courts depend upon their target population, resources and evaluation techniques they involve a general criterion such as: Crime assessment and offender identification, judicial interaction and case management, monitoring procedures such as drug testing and supervision while on probation, courtroom procedures and eventually graduating sanctions, reward incentives or vice versa, providing ancillary treatment and services such as, mental health improvement, Stress and trauma related family therapy and vocational training, improved skills and over all enhancement of the quality of life. In 1989, the first adult drug treatment court opened in Dade County, Miami (Florida), in America. More than 800 adults, juvenile and tribal courts have been operating across the United States of America since then and the popularity and numbers keeps growing. (Nolan, 2003) between 1991 and 1993, around 20 jurisdictions across America implemented drug courts. The drug court model received great public acclaim and support, and large scale positive media coverage on local and national levels. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Drug Court Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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