To introduce learners to the concept of business ethics and to examine its relevance when considering business objectives and responsibilities - Essay Example

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It manufactures vaccines, medicines for a vast range of diseases. It is the largest pharmaceutical company of the world in terms of revenue. Pfizer’s objectives is to improve the quality of life by giving assurance in the supply of…
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To introduce learners to the concept of business ethics and to examine its relevance when considering business objectives and responsibilities
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Download file to see previous pages The company wants to make itself an integrated global organisation. But for its business growth & achieving its objectives the company took some major wrong steps which involved the company into a scandal in1996. This affected the ethical issues of the company also. Pfizer introduced a drug named Trovan. At that time a large outbreak was spread in Nigeria and the company tested the drug on infected children under hasty concision. The company did not inform their parents about the experimental drugs. The adverse effect of this drug killed fifty children & disabled many children. This action affected the ethical issues of the company like individualism, Kantianism, utilitarianism. The company disobeyed the government laws & ethical standards to maximize its profit. Pfizer only considered its business growth without focusing on its customer happiness. The goodwill of the company was hampered as it only focused on money making and ignored the value of people life. The company neither executed the trial for good cause nor did it create happiness. Without evaluation the problems associated with the results of the trial Pfizer implemented it and ended with lawsuits. Pfizer did not respect its customers and took irrational actions (Altier 64-67). The company behaved in an inhuman way with the Nigerians and produced fake letter. As a results of this ethical issues Pfizer was deceitful to the US as the company did not informed the country about this incident for a long time. The company showed its coward nature by not admitting the facts that unethical standard was followed during the time of its medicine testing. It did not consider about the correct ethical guideline which should be followed. This is how the business objectives of Pfizer affected the ethical considerations (Baier 88-89).
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