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Intellectual Property Rights Infringement of TV Productions - Essay Example

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This essay describes the intellectual property rights, that constitute transforming ideas into tangible products and services, such as television. The researcher presents the history of copyright problem and the law of copyright protection, that provides the protection to the author…
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Intellectual Property Rights Infringement of TV Productions
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Download file to see previous pages The UK law does not require copyright to be registered as trademarks, designs and patents. A copyright in UK is created automatically with the creation of the work. Therefore, it can be enforced in case of infringement without prior registration in UK. Conversely, the other member countries of the Berne Convention require that copyright should be registered to create evidence of original author of the work and the time of creation. This way it assists the courts in deciding copyright infringement cases. In UK, there is no such mandatory requirement to register for enforcement of copyrights in the courts. Likewise, the symbol © is not required by law in UK to be used on the literary, artistic, musical, cinematographic, records and related rights either. It is understood that these works are copyrighted and protected under CDPA, 1988. On the other hand, there are countries and people in UK who still use symbol © on their works to show that these are copyrighted works and in case of infringement can be fully enforced against the infringer. The law of copyright protection provides the exclusive protection to the author to make copies of the work, sell or license it and use it for any purpose whatsoever. It provides protection to the broadcasters and singers in the shape of exclusive rights to their broadcasted work to ensure that others do not infringe upon their rights. The law recognizes 50 years of protection to films and cinematographic works from the date of the manufacturing of the work (Copyright Service 2012). Likewise, the copyrights in the broadcast last for 50 years, starting from the end of the calendar year in which the broadcast was first made. The copyright in the work arises automatically...
This essay discusses the copyright law of UK and intellectual property rights, that constitute transforming ideas into tangible products and services. The diversity in the ideas that give rise to products and services today, requires that there are different protections available for every different aspect of a product or service. Likewise, the concept of protection of these products and services was highlighted in 1886 and a treaty came into existence titled Berne Convention for the Protection of Copyrights and Artistic Works. It was realized that the intellectual property in the form of literary, musical and artistic works requires protection globally, and all countries which are members of the World Trade Organization shall become members of the Berne Convention. The UK law does not require copyright to be registered as trademarks, designs and patents. A copyright in UK is created automatically with the creation of the work. Therefore, it can be enforced in case of infringement without prior registration in UK. The copyright in the work arises automatically as it is created with the work. It is not mandatory to register a copyright for a work. However, if registered, it can be easily proved in the courts of law in case any instance of infringement has occurred. According to the UK law on copyrights and related rights, the film and TV productions can be entirely covered under copyright protection. The copyright holder can either sell the rights in the film and TV production or license it to others to broadcast it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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