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Implications of Scapegoating Groups - Essay Example

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IMPLICATIONS OF SCAPEGOATING GROUPS Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction Scapegoating is a dishonorable routine where people move liability and fault away from themselves and towards a group or person. It is also a manner by which irate position and feelings of resentment aimed, through improper allegations, towards others…
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Implications of Scapegoating Groups
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Download file to see previous pages The main feature of scapegoating is distortion of information. Implications Scapegoating aims toward many individuals today and affects roughly everyone in a way or another. According to Douglas (2000), scapegoats can be under attack due to characteristics common to such individuals. They can plainly face attack from traits they cannot control, for instance, their ethnicity or race. An apparent, but main consequence of scapegoating is unfairness toward minority groups. This act is a problem since it can result in stereotyping, and result in biased and unjust handling of individuals for no genuine motives at all. The most scapegoated groups include alcoholics, atheists and communists. Stereotyping is an implicit manner of scapegoating since by building negative generalizations concerning a group of people, often there is blame on them for actions that are out of their personal control. For example, Hitler blamed minorities for troubles in Germany. In this situation, the Jews stereotyped as ignorant and consequently, able to receive the blame of the majority population. Another consequence of scapegoating is the frivolous court cases that are infesting the court system. Beside malpractice, court cases, these court cases illustrate how the society today considers that they deserve to litigate against anyone, and cannot take responsibility for any of the events that they create. It is also the situation in cases where people get scapegoating so extreme, that they abuse the court system. These people can alternatively use their nationality to elect into office legitimate legislative bodies and laws. They can employ the use of other forms like arbitration and mediation to arrive at agreements and apprehend a balance of the liability. The reality is that both the sides share liability, and one side cannot anticipate leaving all to the other. The aim in these court cases needs to be on either side is putting the blame incorrectly on the other party, which is most of the times on the part of the complainant in these frivolous court cases. Scapegoating entails a frustrated, disorganized society united in faulting a victim for their misgivings and taking out their hate and violent emotions on the victim or group. This incident, frequently seen emerging in crowds, for example, chanting in opposition to a character or event, burning effigies, and observable among the police in instances of arresting is a token menace. In a condition where a multitude is outrageous for unfairness they are experiencing and aggravated that their communication is not getting in to the public, media or politicians, they could create scapegoats of administrative officers or even journalists. The scapegoat is the individual who intimidates the safety of the group resulting in fear of losing their identity. The individuals become a risk to the intelligence of justice of the group resulting in resentment and a danger to the connectedness resulting in a sense of grief. The deed distorted, differences not acknowledged, the group considered as disjointed, and stability threatened. This implies that the human identity desires of the society are in jeopardy. As a result, the society turns towards those they can blame. It is also possible that police officers become the scapegoat for the multitude and possibly for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Implications of Scapegoating Groups Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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