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Philosophy of Mass Communication - Essay Example

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Mass Communication is believed to be a task of delivering information, ideas and attitudes to a sizable and diversified audience via use of media developed for that purpose which seems much difficult than to communicate through face to face…
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Philosophy of Mass Communication
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Extract of sample "Philosophy of Mass Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Mass Communication is believed to be a task of delivering information, ideas and attitudes to a sizable and diversified audience via use of media developed for that purpose which seems much difficult than to communicate through face to face. The revenue of mass communication comes from the following sources. However people living in advanced nations are also interested to make charitable contributions to organizations such as Save the Children, UNCF and Autism Speaks that partially performing mass communication activities. The people nevertheless, have to make a rational decision in terms of paying for public donations such as mass media or charitable donations. The value of making a public donation needs to be kept in mind because it is largely responsible for keep the national systems running throughout the world.
Mass media although seems simple but also has its own code of ethics and conduct, which the companies have to follow and the audience, will judge them as well. Donating to mass media appears reasonable as everyone nowadays is interested to believe in mass and social media. Charitable donations nonetheless have their own significance and importance and funding them is equally important regarding provision of support to media. As being a part of same country, every person has to perform its duties towards those who are being going through several downturns and problems of life. Therefore before donating, any person should consider his or her monthly income, his or her own personal expenses, and then should decide the level of donation he or she can make and should also perform a detailed research about legitimacy of the companies to which he or she is going to make a donation. The next step that is to be done is to see which organization requires the most and the donor has to donate accordingly and reasonably. The right of every organization needs to be considered in a local city at least. Roles of Railroads The railroads on the other hand, played an important role in the United States and It was an epic function at that time and therefore, it involved enterprises on a great scale that had quite a cash surplus too. Atlas shrugged has written “In a time between 1946-1957 in United States”. The novel was led by major characters like Dagny Taggart, James Taggart and John Galt. The basic theme of the novel was that US was experiencing a time where there was recession and facing a downward economic spiral in businesses (Notes 2013). Dagny at that time was the in charge of the Traggart Transcontinental Rail Road who was seeking to rebuild the crumbling track of Rio Norte Line. It also served for oil fields in the blooming industry of Colorado. Dagny throughout the novel shows her devotion to the railroads but faces several enemies who wanted to destroy her dreams. She has her first conflict between her brother regarding contracting with Rearden steel to build the railroads and then she had a fight with a manufacturer who was James’ old friend, She trusted Hayn Rearden more as she found her steel to be more reliable. The sensible decision needs to be made in a disturbed economic situation where Dagny faced the loss of her majority of skilled workforce. The case further worsens when the Traggart Transcontinental Railroad gets nationalized and Dagny experiences a main trauma. After seeking political aid a new law passes which takes the major competitor out of the business. Dagny however comes to know that there are certain people who want her out of the business world and she was facing huge losses. On the other hand, she starts working with Rearden in order to build the metal bridge but even then they face difficulties as the government considers Rearden’s metal to be not reliable and there again comes an end to Traggart Transcontinental’s works and then they finally decide to invest in John Galt’s Line. After their successful attempt they find a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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