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Policing and Penal Services - Essay Example

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The theory behind imprisonment is to isolate the wrong-doer from the society as the person can be harmful and dangerous to other people, and also stop him from enjoying civil liberties, thus enhancing the sense of deprivation and lack of freedom as a punishment to deter him from repeating the crime in the future. …
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Policing and Penal Services
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Download file to see previous pages Although this may sound an ideal way to deal with criminals, the ground realities are quite different from the expected results. As no solution is perfect and without flaws, the same goes with this problem of handling criminal behaviour and controlling uncivil citizens, thus increasing problems inside the prisons and penitentiaries. Imprisonment and jailing has been an effective way to protect the society from corrupt people and individuals with criminal tendencies (Baker, 2002). Prisons hold a complete new world inside them as the most dangerous people from all over the country or province/state are collected in a single space, the chances of different mishaps and unwanted happenings are increased a hundred fold (Baker, 2002). Therefore, the prison service or probation service should be capable of handling such situations. Furthermore, the prison service should competent enough to prevent any incidents from happening at all. Containing any undesirable situations, preventing jailbreaks, controlling prisoner riots, thwarting murder attempts and violent attacks, halting drug trafficking, preventing any sexual harassment or assaults and frustrating any prison gangs from causing any harms are the primary tasks of a prison service. Further duties include the training of convicts to become a better citizen of society, provide them with adult education (if required), providing proper healthcare without any discrimination of race, class, colour, religion or creed and building the capacity of inmates to integrate with the society after they have completed their sentence (Great Britain Home Office, 1979). Education can be used for rehabilitation of prisoners. It is important to make them stand back on their feet and help them become a productive member of the society. Prisons serve this essential function in the society as well. This essay will attempt to shed a light on the present prison services, their current state, the methodologies which are used, and their competency and provide further alternatives and recommendations to increase their performance and capabilities. It will also comment on education and how it can play a role in rehabilitation of prisoners. Theory behind Imprisonment: Bjerregaard and Lizotte (1995) concluded that there are actually four theories that formed the idea of incarcerating certain citizens. These can be listed as under: Punishment Deter Specifically Deter Generally Rehabilitation. Punishment: This is a very basic idea which follows the concept of punishing an individual for his/her wrong doing and preventing him/her from repeating the crime. Deter Specifically: Also known as incapacitation, the idea behind specific deterrence is to remove the criminal individual from the society, relying simply on the idea that if such a person would not be a part of the society, his/her criminal actions would not affect the society in any way whatsoever and population in general will stay safe (Cao, Zhao, & Van Dine, 1997). Deter Generally: This involves making someone an example for a serious crimes (Carlson, 2001). For instance, if there is death penalty for intentional homicide, then lesser people will do any such act. This idea has given way to many harsh punishments such as life imprisonments and capital punishments. Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation involves guiding the offenders and making them better citizens of the society (Jiang & Fisher-Giorlando, 2002). They are given education and awareness about being a productive member of the community and participating in building the society instead of tearing it down. Although this is the most productive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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