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Security History Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Security History Society has gone through significant development over the years. Humanity has changed from the time there was no private ownership to the capitalist society today. This has led to a need of private security, and this industry continues getting more and more sophisticated…
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Security History Research Paper
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Security History College: Security History Society has gone through significant development over the years. Humanity haschanged from the time there was no private ownership to the capitalist society today. This has led to a need of private security, and this industry continues getting more and more sophisticated. Private security forces’ history dates back to 13th century in Egypt. Egyptian pharaoh would hire Nubians, Syrians and Libyans to compliment Egypt’s military. This practice first adoption was by Romans where the rich would hire private security to guard their properties and family. Private security developed fully in middle age in, Europe and Asia. China and Japan were the first Asian countries to follow this tradition. They engaged private security to guard their property and themselves against Mongol Hordes. Warlords from Italy secured private security to defend their bases as they fought in the military. This was happening regularly and private security soldiers began coming together forming private security organizations (Kinsey, 2006). In times of English King John’s reign, there were pressures to him to approve Magna Carta. This meant that no man was to be mistreated, imprisoned, or destroyed without proper judgment from his peers or the law (Dunigan, 2011). Later during that era, many security concepts were developed for villages for the villagers, to adhere to these concepts. It was the responsibility of every citizen to apprehend felons. There were security measures that were put in villages such as closing village gates during the night king’s highway was cleared, and there were patrols at night. Between 14th and 18th century, security systems grew, and feudalism came to an end. In the 16th century, English parliament was willing to crown Mary and William if they agreed to reaffirm citizens’ rights. A bill of rights was obtained. In 17th century, many people moved to the cities looking for better lives. This created many hardships such as poverty, crime and violence. As a result, it became more crucial to have stronger security. In 1737, tax revenues were put to use to set up security forces to patrol city streets. Harry Fielding, in 1748, proposed a security force be formed that was permanent and payment was reasonable. This was the beginning of the idea of preventing crimes rather than controlling it. Industrial revolution and factories that came up during this period led to an outbreak of more criminal epidemic. During Sir Robert reign, several reforms were made to the criminal law. These reforms made police forces in urban areas to be more effective, however, private security organizations continued to do well. America got the idea securities forming forces from England. During the 1850s, a private security agency was created by a past Chicago detective. Pinkerton agency did so well and led to their hiring by President Abraham Lincoln. After this agency, there was the formation of other private security forces. There were measures implemented in order to make better the security forces services. One of those innovations was a burglar alarm. After this automobile security, equipments gained popularity, and so did the industries that provided materials. The whole country needed and was using personal security forces. War started raging in Europe after some time. The then president Roosevelt passed an order towards US war department mandating them to come up with and train private security force. This was to ensure there are no threats to the US industry. This was as a result of lend-lease program that the US government had passed that enabled them to provide war tools to Allied countries in 1941. Later there was bombing of Pearl Harbor and the US joined the war (Jager, 2007). Private security began rising as factories got the need to produce war materials in larger quantities. This personal security guarded and protected thousands of factories in the US as the war continued. By the end of the war, the government set certain standards where the private security companies followed so as to continue with their operations. The companies had to provide documentation that they had a genuine and convincing security plan. This brought into place the first generation of private security companies. They used technological methods to improve their systems. The practice has continued as years went by and with the level of technological advancement increasing, the companies have improved their abilities and spectrum. After the attack on the US famously known as the 9/11, private security got increased demand. These events caused the government to shrink the budgets of public law enforcement. Many institutions reverted to private security as their alternative. With all these, private security continued to grow. References Dunigan, M. (2011). Victory for hire: Private security companies' impact on military effectiveness. Stanford, Calif: Stanford Security Studies. Ja?ger, T., & Ku?mmel, G. (2007). Private military and security companies: Chances, problems, pitfalls and prospects. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag fu?r Sozialwissenschaften. Kinsey, C. (2006). Corporate soldiers and international security: The rise of private military companies. London: Routledge. Read More
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