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Defense of Arrested Persons - Essay Example

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] Defense of Arrested Persons Your name Institutional Affiliations The US is divided into five main regions namely: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and the West. Each of these regions is under state or local law agencies. There are several state and local agencies in these regions…
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Defense of Arrested Persons
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Download file to see previous pages It will then go further to distinguish between these law enforcement agencies, which one is state and which one is local, also which one is criminal law enforcement agency or which one provide defense service to the accused. The document is organized into five sections each sections addressing the agency in each regions. Northeast The office of the Windsor County State Attorney is in Vermont and is found in the Northeast region. Its main function is to prosecute persons who have been arrested in the district court or county court. It helps victims to get justice in the prosecution of criminal offenses, child abuse and neglect cases, juvenile delinquencies, mental health proceedings and other civil matters. The office collaborates with law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, victims and members of the public to seek justice in the cases under investigation. The department protects and promotes public safety (DSASA, 2012). Southeast Georgia Department of Corrections is a state agency in the Southeast. It is located in Georgia State. It enforces criminal law. It functions to protect and serve the public by managing the offenders and creating a safe and secure environment for Georgia residents. It achieves its goal by providing correctional industries where the offenders are taken used to manufacture various commercial products. These products are targeting mainly the government agencies as the consumer. The government is the sole preferred consumer for these products to ensure that the market for the products is maintained and the correctional process through labor is thus maintained (GDC, 2012). The Department of Business and Professional Regulation, also in the Southeast region, is a state agency mandated to issue licenses and regulate businesses and professionals in the Florida state. It is therefore a law enforcement agency. In business, the agency licenses and regulates five major industries which are: alcoholic beverages and tobacco; Condomiums, Timeshares and mobile homes; drugs, and cosmetics; hotels and restaurants; and Pari-Mutuel Wagering. The agency is divided into various divisions of which each deal with a specific industry under the mandate of the agency. The division of alcoholic beverages and tobacco issues licenses necessary to operate these kinds of businesses. The division of condomiums, timeshares, and mobile homes protects the consumer from malpractices by this category of business. It regulates yatch and ship brokers, cooperatives, timeshares and mobile home parks. The division of drugs, devices and cosmetics safeguards health, safety, and welfare of the local Florida residents against injury from the use of adulterated, contaminated, misbranded drugs, drug ingredients and cosmetics by administering the Florida Drug and Cosmetic act. The division of building codes and standards ensures the residents safety in staying is safely constructed buildings. The division of hotels and restaurants licenses inspects and regulates public lodging and food service establishments in Florida. It also regulates and licenses elevators, escalators and other vertical conveyance devices. The division of pari-mutuel wagering is vested with regulation of the state’s mutual, cardroom and slot gaming industries. It is also charged with collecting and protecting associated revenues due to the state (DBPR, 2012). Midwest The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation under the Office of the Attorney ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Defense of Arrested Persons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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