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Measuring Crime Rate in the UK - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “Measuring Crime Rate in the UK” the author focuses on the issue when crime makes us constantly fear for the safety of our lives and properties. The prevalence of crime makes us on the constant lookout for means and methods to satisfy our need for self-preservation…
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Measuring Crime Rate in the UK
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Download file to see previous pages Now how is the crime rate measured and determined? How much crime occurs within a given period in a particular area? How many criminals are involved in these crimes? How many victims have suffered as a result of these criminal acts? These are tricky issues. As John Tierney (2006) declared, it is difficult to give a straightforward and accurate answer to the questions. It all depends on how the concept of crime is defined and how the crime statistics are produced. In the first place, sociologists and criminologists are both skeptical of the reliability of official statistics. Crime statistics are socially constructed (Coleman and Moynihan, 1996). They are in consensus that criminal statistics is a process of reporting and recording crime rather than the actual amount of crime. This paper shall look into the different methods of measuring crime rates and attempt to determine which method paints the most accurate picture of crime in our country. In the United Kingdom, there are three systems of measuring crime rates. These are the police recorded crime data, the national victimization survey, and the self-report studies. These three most often than not present different statistics which result in confusion as to which figure provides the real crime situation in the UK. This confusion then leads to distrust to the official crime statistics released by the government (“Overcoming Barriers”, 2). Moreover, a significant portion of the population also believes that political agenda often interferes with the data gathering process as well as in the release of official interpretations of these figures. Distrust also lies on the aggregate national figures and how this data is interpreted and used (“Overcoming Barriers”, 2). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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