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Investigative Procedures - Assignment Example

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Investigative Procedures [Insert Name] [Insert Course and Unit Name] [Insert Professor and Institution] [Insert date] Investigative Procedures Abstract Various literature and existing material in internal fraud and investigative procedures were evaluated with a view to answering the main questions in this paper…
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Investigative Procedures Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages The allegations against the accused must be verified independently to ascertain reasonable grounds for further investigations. Once this is done, the CEO and CFO must be informed. Using a suitable team for instance the manufacturing plants' accounts department, documents should reviewed for any evidence. Investigations should then proceed to neutral persons then to third parties to corroborate evidence. Care should be taken not to violate suspect’s rights or break the law in seeking evidence and the truth. Introduction Internal fraud is becoming a common problem in organizations today because the employees have knowledge of the internal mechanisms and procedures for the organization. Some are in charge of divisions and so influence decisions and can manipulate by abusing their positions to commit internal fraud and thefts and still be able to cover their tracks. The employees may also leak information to outsiders who then use that information to commit frauds and the employee gets a payoff for their services. Employee fraud incidences have been on a steep incline especially during and immediately after the global financial crisis. The US for instance reported employee fraud that cost firms a total of $ 994 billion. The UK CIFAS data show that staff fraud increased by 40% since 2008 and the trends are interesting because it is the younger employees who are reportedly committing more crimes (Cohen, 2011). The same report also showed a 63% increase in staff fraud in 2011, compared to 2008 with fraud statistics in 2010 showing that staff fraudsters were mostly youngsters with 29% being under the age of 21 years while those aged between 41 – 50 years making up just 30% while no instance of internal fraud was reported for those above age 50 (Cohen, 2011). This paper will answer various questions and thereafter make a conclusion 1. Given the situation, discuss some of the options the company has for handling this situation.  This is obviously a precarious situation since the plant manager gets a lot of respect from the CEO and CFO and their families are very close. However being close to the CEO and CFO should not stop investigations from taking place since this would amount to complicity and cover-ups by the top management. The investigator should be a senior manager for instance the Human Resources manager or the Legal advisor; since the crime is just alleged at this point. Certain facts should be ascertained to meet a specific threshold before in depth investigations can be carried out with the plant operator being interviewed and maybe being forced to go on leave pending investigations. To avoid upsetting the existing relations and causing too much friction, the signs and evidence of internal fraud must be established. These include accounting anomalies, weaknesses in internal controls, analytical symptoms, lifestyle symptoms, behavioral systems and employee tips and complaints. From the given scenario, Mr. Reynolds should consider the case serious and warranting an investigation since he has already received a tip from an employee in that plant, that the plant operator is exhibiting an erratic personal behavior while his lifestyle has changed beyond his normal means. Care must be taken to protect the identity of the informer (Goldman, 2007). Mr. Reynolds should then obtain prior evidence from the relevant person’s incognito and write a report, and request a report from the informer. An auditor or accounts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Investigative Procedures Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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