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Recent Developments in Undercover Policing - Assignment Example

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The present assignment "Recent Developments in Undercover Policing" dwells on the women undercover detectives. As the author puts it, the assignment is based on providing instructions to two female undercover detectives while they prepare to infiltrate an organization…
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Recent Developments in Undercover Policing
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Extract of sample "Recent Developments in Undercover Policing"

Download file to see previous pages Undercover police functions are a standard feature of contemporary political territory. Several secret revelations in recent days indicate that environmentalists, anti-nuclear and human & animal rights among other groups are likely to be the target of various surreptitious activities. Such activities can take any form, i.e. from the demonstration of supportive activities to training operations in specific organizations. The Ruckus Society is an example of one such organization, which is concerned with various defense activities. This organization delivers tools, training, and support to the environmental, human rights and social justice coordinators (The Ruckus Society, “About Us”). However, only negligible information has been available regarding the true motives of the organization, i.e. how they operate and how they support various activities among others. Thus, an infiltration has been planned in order to investigate the organization. Accordingly, two female detectives have been chosen in order to go to deep undercover as a part of their investigation. Contextually, when undertaking their investigative activities in The Ruckus Society, they need to maintain certain guidelines.
The key objective of this assignment is to provide instructions to the female detectives when performing their duties as undercover agents. The assignment provides guidance for the female detectives in order to undertake investigation activities without compromising the undercover status.
Fundamentally, there are two categories of an undercover operation that are categorized as deep cover and light cover. A deep cover infiltrator lives the role with widespread skills in undercover work. Deep cover operations are strongly compartmentalized in the investigation of an organization in order to prevent a breach of security or leak of information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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