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Undercover Boss2 - Assignment Example

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In Highland Park and Wilmette, the CEO owns bike shops. Compared with other Ricketts siblings, Todd ranks at the bottom of the chart based on individual profile.
-When working here, Todd learns that the maintenance…
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Undercover Boss2
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Extract of sample "Undercover Boss2"

Undercover Boss2 R311 ___________________________ Due by October 13th in (Hard copies) ___/ 20 points
Go to YouTube and search full episode, Undercover Boss, (episode is about 40 minutes in length)
Company – Chicago Cubs
Watch episode and answer questions while watching:
1. Who is the Cubs Owner?
-Todd Ricketts
2. How many fans visit per year?
-845 million fans
Background on the CEO:
-The CEO, Todd Ricketts, is a co-owner of the Chicago Cubs. In Highland Park and Wilmette, the CEO owns bike shops. Compared with other Ricketts siblings, Todd ranks at the bottom of the chart based on individual profile.
Who is the CEO posing as when going undercover?
-The CEO is posing Mark Dawson, a down-on-his-luck manual worker who is an unemployed roofer. His name is a combination of tow former players of the Cubs.
What was CEO mission when taking over Cubs?
-The CEO intended to discover ways of improving the performance of Chicago Cubs through maintenance and restoration of its old culture and practices.
Job 1-
What is his job?
-Todd’s first job is day crew maintenance and scoreboard operator. He cleans restrooms in the stadium and update manual scoreboard.
What does he learn from John while on the job?
-When working here, Todd learns that the maintenance crew uses personal cell phones to communicate. He also discovers that the club room has never been updated for about a century, the last time the Cubs played in the World Series.
Job 2-
What is his 2nd job?
-“Mark’s” second job is selling hot dogs in the stands to fans under Rocco’s directives.
What does he learn from Rocco?
-While working as a hot dog vender, “Mark” learns that Rocco has been selling hot dogs for more than 20 years.
What part of the job was he uncomfortable with?
-Selling hot dogs to the fans presented a great challenge for him, which compelled him to buy his own hot dogs and dump them in the garbage.
What Is Job 3?
-“Mark” works as a parking lot attendant.
Who discovers his true identity?
-Todd’s college friend.
What was a difficult part of the job?
-Parking the cars in a straight line.
Job 4
What is the job?
-Ground crew in charge of field maintenance.
What did he learn about Joe?
-He learns that Joe graduated from college recently and aims at getting a nine to five.
What did Todd learn overall related to going undercover?
-Todd learnt about how to preserve the practices and culture of the Cubs.
Your thoughts after watching the episode?
-Having gone undercover, Todd was able to get firsthand complaints from employees and integrate their ideas in decision making for the benefit of Chicago Cubs as well as the employees. However, he fails to act diligently on some aspects such as employing more people for the parking lot instead of painting the parking lot to make parking process easier. Read More
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