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Cybercrime Investigation and Digital Forensics - Assignment Example

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Healthcare sector is not an exemption to this issue. Healthcare industries are transforming due to the increasing advances in technology with maintenance…
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Cybercrime Investigation and Digital Forensics
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Extract of sample "Cybercrime Investigation and Digital Forensics"

Download file to see previous pages At the same time, this provides backdoors for hackers to intrude into the healthcare information systems and get access to highly confidential information like patient medical reports, lab results, and other potentially lucrative information like insurance details. When a healthcare industry’s data is being breached, it not only results in financial and reputation crisis to the industry and the specific organization but also causes dramatic effects to the patients depending on the nature of the disclosed data. When such incidents happen, digital forensics renders a helping hand in investigating the potential crime scene with evidences that can be presented for prosecution. This report provides a detailed description about the investigation procedure from a perspective of a cyber forensic company’s lead forensics investigator which would help in identifying and prosecuting a potential breach incident that happened in a healthcare company.
To begin with, it would be more appropriate to explain our company’s approach in providing the overall plan for processing the potential crime incident that has occurred in a healthcare company. Our investigation team comprises of security and digital forensic professionals who work in close coherence with highly experienced corporate investigators and well trained background verification team (“Investigating a data breach,” n. d). Whenever data breach incidents happen, our response team would provide complete guidance regarding the post incident proceedings and provide services highly specific to the requirement of the healthcare industry. Our overall planning process comprises of collecting and securing the digital evidences, visualizing indications for data breach using a triage approach, rigorous analysis of evidences, presenting the investigation results for prosecution, and providing remediation for preventing future reoccurrences (Nelson, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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